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I actually saw this game on GamerZakh also and I was very interested, I own way more than my share of this genre. This game is awesome, I can see this getting to be as big if not just as great as Surviving Mars. Actually I own that one too but I like this game better, there's way more information given in this game. I love the information blocks that gives the option of reading what each thing does or not. There are a few things missing in the tutorial but so far the tut is good (better than most) The only problem I had was that the game started in a window and everything was so small I had to get my reading glasses to see the menu to go fullscreen. I didn't find any bugs or have any problems. I can't wait to see some of the stuff on the roadmap. The graphics are a little clunky but not that bad. I will leave with this: game play is way too slow lol It took 4 minutes IRT to get the mine built at 3x speed. Someone should write a guide for this game soon. I;ve been going through all of the menu items and I still haven't figured out how to get water lol. Keep up the great work!

Does it work with any game? if a particular game, which one?

How far can a person get in the game as it is right now?

I this game going to be finished anytime soon?

Thank you! that was a great help. The puzzles in this game are hard enough to be a challenge but not too hard, as to be frustrating. I love this game, I can't wait until it comes out. I will be purchasing this when the final version comes out. Do you all have a tentative date for the full version to be available?

I love the game but on the tunneling after the 10 years after my kid was snatched, I can't get off of it. I don't seem to type fast enough to get the progress bar to move. I played that tunneling for 15min! and nothing. I think there should be a way to bypass it, skip it or something for those of us who don't type fast. Other than that I find the game interesting.