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THIS WAS THE BEST GAME I EVER HAVE PLAYED. I was laughing through out it and the art was amazing and so was everything. The character customisation was cool too. I couldn't stop giggling when he choice of heave, underworld or Australia came up because I'm Australian and it was like 10 times funnier to me then i would've been if i was from America or another place. On behalf of my boyfriend I thank you because for a very very very long time I will be talking about this game and he is gonna deal with it


man my friend is gonna be so happy when i tell her about this

THIS IS SUCH A GOOD GAME I LOVE IT ITS NOW MY FAVOUTITE GAMEEE ^^ gonna force my bf to play this :3

see you in 42 years lmao broski im so sorry but i dont think my friends are your biggest problem 

lol thanks i forgot this website existed so im so sorry for the late reply

i loved this game so much ive been searching for this style of games for year

someone help i cant scroll lmao