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Fun stuff man, which there was something else more threatening late game, it kinda flattens out  so you can go forever i think. When to for 34 then killed myself with 25025 points. leaderboards say 24 instead of 34 by the way ;) but deff a neat game would like more of this or more games like this ! 

online leaderboards ?

question, does the full version have more enemies then this demo ? also what else is changed or new ? this game seems really fun 

wow this game is awesome!~ keep up the great work ~!

i never got a return email from you guys and im also wondering about future updates.. thanks ahead of time boyz =)

scratch that I just got 159 =D

just picked this game up, loving it so far ! best is 134 it gets soooo tough right around there

omg with a little work and polish, and controller support this game could be amazing ! downwell is one of my favorite games of all time! don't stop with this !


and any chance this or switch hook will hit ios ??

wow you should really expand upon this game, so simple but so fun !! I want more =)