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I do not have access to facebook, what I listed is my forms of contacts

I removed the web because the twine version was buggy and old. I’m still making the remake demo

Cat best kitten lmao

Rushing to credits


One of my friends thought I was on Discord when they looked at my computer lol

Kinda want to see bad end? I don’t want to go through it tho, I love him to much to do that Stoic stare

Mas Xyx por favor hands out

IIQWBFIOW My notebook is going to be filled Oh no

I played this game for Xyx and Xyx only, oh, and Cat ofc

Xyx and Cat are my loves


More Liu pleaseee 😩

me waiting for the other route

Totally doesn’t describe me haha-

I’m very lonely lmao TTuTT👍

Also very nice game, love Illow :)

What? No, I’m just pumped lol :)

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Crying in digital poor

Starts plotting

I need-


I tried to get the best ending I could sob plus side got to kiss him- 👌

Thanks, also I found it, I looked online for fantasy fonts that matched it lol. I’m sort of slow lol

I’d like to know what font you use for the text in the pictures, please and thank you (I love this template so I appreciate you)

I want to playyyy

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JONAH SCOTT AUAHDUIBD I just played another game he voiced in a while ago (Well, again lol)

Great game! I love tons of the VAs- it’s an amazing cast :)

I know bunch of them so I got kinda stoked when I saw the voices

I’m excited for more

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Freaky deaky spoilers and being a weirdo :,)

I got all the endings, I kinda wish I could have more options when Chris takes you into his basement. I actually would’ve probably creep HIM out with the amount of dumb shit I would say (I like that fReAkY stuff lol) just a little suggestion ;)

I love myself a psychopath <3 but idk any french- I haven’t gotten there yet in my linguistics journey

FrEaKy DeAkY KiNfE sTuFf

I actually was expecting a Jordan route but I wanted Chris anyways so works out ig lol~

Also if I said anything TOO inappropriate excuse me justtttt.. Psychopathsssss..

Can’t blame me really

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Go through everything to get the second ending (Compliment Chris, go to his house, etc) then speak after he stabs you

No I haven’t thank you!

Time to download more 👍 I honestly appreciate you since I’ve been stressed out with my game and I don’t think I’ll have the energy to do BGs with the amount of character sprites I’ll have to do

I replied 👍

All of the information is in the “Remaking” log, if you want to provide any other contact that’d be appreciated! I’ll give you all the information at a later time (probably when you contact me through other means then here)

That’d be great! If you have email or twitter please contact my personals! (Kiiro) Just lemme know what character you’re interested in and I’ll give you more information! And a voice clip would be greatly appreciated so I can guide you! Give you VA tips and how to do accents and certain ranges and such! (Also the best softwares to use!)

Lots of information I know! I’m a ASMR Roleplayer in my spare time as a hobby so I do voice acting!

Sorry my brain blanked I was thinking about Elias-

Lmao but when he said along the lines “who says I’m a top” (Idr bc I have terrible comprehension) that kinda made me feel bc I’m very masculine so people assume 🥹💀

Only have thoughts on Elias

And how MC has some daddy issues 🫡

Why do I understand the issue though, we aren’t gunna talk about that

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Love the story so far! I can’t wait for more! I’d also appreciate maybe a dark mode? The white was a bit harsh on my eyes.

Elias 👁👁 Gay activated ALSO THE OPTION ABOUT HIS “partner” JANAHAHNAGSGSGSGGS HHH He’s exactly what I want in so many ways 🥹🫣😩👍

I love this cute little game! I’d love to see a little more development from the characters and maybe a sequel but I really enjoyed it!

Aa that was surprisingly short

Till spring it is

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I’ve been doing the disk thing since my saves auto delete but I managed to finish the game! I really enjoyed and towards the end the sweet moment with Mason I got when figuring out Michael.

Mason is definitely my favorite٫ I enjoy the multi-arm concept just in general and smart kinky men BC why not lol

The Star Trek reference was appreciated

Hey so my saves keep deleting themselves so I have to restart my progress each time. Is there any way to fix that?

Understandable٫ I’m remaking my game ATM so I understand

Love your games lol

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Aaaa need moreee

Hey, I’m on mobile and my keyboard can’t pull up to type in a name

I can’t name my character on mobile, my keyboard won’t pop up :(

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Okay, just wondering! And if you need a tester for iOS I’d be happy to! I loved your last OL game and I have all of the DLC for OLB&A except one lol

Yeah, I didn’t mean to imply you said it was a bad thing I was just adding on to what you were saying!