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Was wondering if there’s more planned or if there’s only the secret end and main end? I was left with a lot more questions than answers. While there are things I can infer I still would like to know more about it. The twist was very fascinating and I think there’s a lot of potential for a sequel if you have time and energy for it. I want to see more of the MC/Dad interacting and who the moth boy is in the secret ending. Is it the dead student? Also why is Twyla heartless? I find the concept interesting! You can do a lot with it and I believe many people would be here for a sequel or even a small little game explaining some things? Just wondering. This all genuine and isn’t aggressive in any way. Love the Ace rep BTW! I got excited about it since I’m under the AroAce umbrella myself. Thank you anyways for a very cool game + Concepts with the heart eaters.

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(Excuse my long ass post)

Hello, Axel!

I’ve played (the older updates) this game and These Crimson Strings and I had comeback to add them to play later so I could make sure I play the new updates along with your new game and I read about your whole issues with your new IF.

I just wanted to start about how much that sucks. As a IF writer myself and a fanfic writer as well that is a big fear of mine. It’s honestly stupid that people make these accusations (That are quite frankly serious. Accusing someone of plagiarism is a big thing). I think it’s lovely you’re making the IF though. I bet once I read it, it’ll heal my inner child. Mostly cause Percy Jackson was a big childhood comfort that kept me from being alone, along with stuff like Harry Potter and Warrior Cats.

Just know you’re doing a great job and I doubt enough people tell you this. You barely know me but just know I’m proud of your work as a fellow writer :)

-R* from EstuFAWN Studios

I have a tip to help you with the route! Since you can rollback try clicking each option until you hear the chime for the good endings, I could probably fix a walkthrough for you if you need it :)

Thank you! BTW I love you game a lot, I’m excited for more. I’m almost done with all of the good endings :)

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[Slight Spoilers!] + Question

I’ve been playing through the character routes and I unlocked the Cherubim route. I love the Good Omens reference in there. Had me wheezing. Also is it an option to continue the game normally after their route? I kinda accidentally unlocked their route when trying for Kalei. I’m assuming it was unlocked through Lucifer’s?

Letting you know after choosing the sexuality for liking guys this happens

Super cute jxzxncsnodc

Ight, if you need to contact me my best contact is my email-

Felt, if you need any help tho, I’d be willing to pass any of my Twine knowledge to you


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I cannot seem to work the character customization

as in it doesn’t pull up when I click the dresser

I salute you, I failed in Twine so my ass jumped onto Ren’py cause Python is easier than HMTL for me

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Blank face on his blank expression on his face

(I do that shit too)



Thanks you too

Wait, Nick is going to be a love interest??

Thank you very much, I appreciate it

Thank you so much, I’m glad you’re so understanding

Thank you

You cannot play it right now, it’s being remade, plus I’m on a hiatus due to my mental health

It’s currently be remade, I’ve been struggling with my mental health so I’m on a hiatus

I see, that’s what I thought

Hey, so I finished the Jace and Adrian route (Romantic end), how do we get the epilogue? Nothing happens when I click the thingy in the extra stories

quickly downloads

Finally after two years-


Not anything that I know yet

I have the same result, I tried everything

Hey, so at the part where you tell Elex to forget about the dream I’m stuck and cannot progress

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Why did it cut off- 😶

Also amazing, there is a mistake in the text when it refers to the reader as having a “pussy” after selecting the penis options throughout the entire read

I was using my Ipad, apple

stares at screen waiting

Went on a Joker arch

I keep getting all the route’s BUT Aalam’s, I’d like a bit of assistance with this

Which two routes if you mind me asking?

I greatly enjoy the game and love the progress so far. I do have a few questions about the existing sex warnings. Are they for specific routes? Or does all routes have sexual content? And if it’s specific routes which route are they? I’d like a bit of clarification on that. Unless the warning is currently just for sex mentions?

If you could make a walkthrough, I’d really appreciate that since I don’t know how to get the paths I want. If there’s already a walkthrough made if I could be showed where it is I’d love that, thanks

Click the ? if you need help

I do not have access to facebook, what I listed is my forms of contacts

I removed the web because the twine version was buggy and old. I’m still making the remake demo

Cat best kitten lmao