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Me ha gustado! La temática es muy explorable. Me ha recordado "Drácula Resurrección". La misma fuente del menú en los diálogos quedaría genial. Me ha costado entender que tenía que empujar "físicamente" la mesa. Quizás la posadera debería insistir en empujar cuando intentas hablar con ella en ese momento ("Qué haces parado? Ayúdame a empujar!") o eliminar la interacción con ella. A destacar los sustos y la acción del final. Enhorabuena!

I forgot to mention that I am uri81 from reddit. You helped me with the Harlowe Custom Macro! Here I use my "artistic" nickname. Regards!

It's just a loop, I should have specified it in the description, sorry for the confusion. I did this in an hour and a half. I wanted to add more possibilities but I have not felt good. It is simply an idea, a reflection on the individualistic society we are addressing. Man goes from work to home and from home to work in loop. When he is at home, stretched out on the sofa he has a mobile in his hand. In the end it is discovered that he was looking in a dating app and there are no people around with whom he can interact. Game over. It is not a normal poem, just an experience. I will try something interactive next time. This is the first time I have participated in a jam and I hope it is not the last. Greetings!

Our lives are limited to going from home to work. What do you not understand exactly?

It's a "experimental game". Only view, is easy, don't need more instructions.