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nice game! a download file please? Dont forget that browsers changing. So, if you like many people to archive your game, you must provide an easy way for that!

very clever idea! Please, make more levels! :)

Please, create more chapters! It was awesome!

nice challenging!

I would recommend to make a story, and levels packs. As levels are progressing, story and level design will be progressing too, like duke nukem platform games!

Nice graphics, funny,  nice setting. However, card were not challenging at all. The most challenging card game that i have out is naked ambition (renpy).  I would recommend cards to be match in a more challenging way. Also, some paths may become unavailable based on story choices / card match etc with multiple endings.

I am astonished that there is no comment! It is an amazing game that can be developed in full. I like the "innocent look of the world".  No dies. I felt sorry for the bugs as 5 years vegan. It can be developed as 3d world with different crystals opening different world, rooms, like portals, and in the same time to be a build game / enhance game.

very relaxing! very nice idea!

This is very great idea and game! please, make it open source in order users to build more levels! 

it will be nice to be developed more fully, and with more options. liked the atmosphere, and the graphics! :)

I liked it very much! very funny, clever, fresh! You can make a full adventure game with a similar story. It reminded me days of the tentacle!

I tried to run it in linux through wine, keyboard and mouse dont work. I cant move. 

Please, produce a linux edition too or give source code to compile it ourselves

I liked it. I may had two levels: normal one and harder one.

the player can take previous pipes to use forward... Nice idea, but i would like to be more "pipe challenging". 

i didnt understand how you clean. nice concept but you put a mini tutorial with showing what keys to press when?

nice idea but very short.. it needs to be expanded...

ενδιαφέρον!!!! θα έπρεπε αν πχ. προλαβαίνεις να κλείνεις ένα κύκλωμα, να προστατεύεται... και μετά να πας στο επομενο λεβελ! θα μπορούσε να αρχίζει από απλά παζλ ως πιο δύσκολα...

μου άρεσαν τα γραφικά, αλλά αν πετύχεις κ τα τρία σημεία στο ρολόι, τι γίνεται; κ βασικά, δεν κτλβ αν πρέπει να κάνω κάτι, είναι ένα φορτηγό που τρέχει, σταματάει απότομα, πέφτουν οι σωλήνες πάνω σε σπίτι  κ πέρνεις χρήματα (πόντους) από αυτό. Εγώ πέρα από το ρολόι στην αρχή χειρίζομαι κάτι άλλο;

Στο linux με wine δείχνει μαύρη εικόνα. Καλύτερα να βγάζεις έκδοση κ για λινουξ!

nice fresh idea but i thing that pieces must be redesigned as well the water must not run only from cross piece but others too..  

i liked the atmosphere...

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very good game! Part 2?

i find it more interesting without that. however, it may a choice for some players. Maybe you put an easy and normal level option. I found the game very interesting! Dungeon could have more characters to interact too.. more story maube...

I liked it! You can make it more advance. eg. rotating tiles, tiles with switches, tiles that are grouped together and you must find right combinations (like tetris also), etc.

where uploaded please? discord?

WOW! Its so unique, so atmospheric, so captivating! You must make a platform-story. All your platforms can tell a whole story... the kid that counting sheeps and then he helps his father in filming industry, and then he is searching for the light, and then he lost his balls somewhere in the dungeons... and when he dies, try to revive... hehehe!

31 sheeps! So calm game! I am vegan too!

the marathon is the final scene?

Great games! I like them! Have you though to give the source code, in order users to create more levels (or even let AI to create more levels)?

me too! Did you solved that?

I find it quite hard the levels to beat while playing them several times. Time is very quickly pass way even when i had destroy many fires. I think that the fire bar must be relevant how many fires exist / vanished (increasing/decreasing) and/or how big they are.  

Hi Jon! You are high talented person with incredible ideas. I would like to help you financially but at that moment i am not in my best situation financially. However, if you need testers, i am on Linux (and Wine) and i am kind of gamer.  Also, i think that AI can help expand games easier than putting human effort eg. constructing levels. I am statistician psychologist. I had some ideas about games with psychological assessment but i am not a kind of programmer. So, if you need ideas about games, here i am.

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Very cool game. I liked it!. You may built more levels! 

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Maybe you can add easy, medium and hard levels mode depending on grass covered.

I am in linux. 3d graphics in wine dont work well in some cases. So it is not playable.

Superb!!!!! Magnificent! You must make episodes 1, 2,3,4,5.... and to tell some stories......

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I think that dev of games must implement AI to design more levels. Difficulty can be managed eg. from the depth of movements. Many games have very few levels which is somewhat disappointing. However, this will mean for each game a separate AI model design? ID. then users test levels and keep the best ones? I liked it! Music, chilling, difficulty, design, everything. The other way is to open source and let users design levels, and then upload them.

Nice one. He may must wear watches that open doors, he may must avoid angry office bosses, he may collect only cloths that can led him to enter to nightclubs or offices or to find a wife! It has a potential!

top! I hope you expand it in a full game!

all bananas except 2 with scores 29.15 and 29.95!