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Hello, loved the game. Beautiful graphics and intriging plot-- you rarely get that these days. 

Just wondering, will this game be free-to-download once its complete? Of course, I understand if want to charge for the game-- its extremely beautiful and well made, definitely above average for a free game.

Wow. This game is absolutely beautiful. I especially loved the backgronds in the Prologue. From what I can tell, this will be a beautiful game once completed. I appreciate that you released it even with some backgrounds incomplete- I can't wait for once they're all done. The characters are absolutely beautifully drawn, along with their lovable personalities is a wonderful mix for drawing the viewer into the game.

Best of luck with the rest of the game, and I hope this high standard continues throughout the game. I have no doubt it will. You have my support! Even though moral support is rather worthless, I suppose.

Thanks for the great demo. Cheers.

Ahh, thank you! It worked. Can't wait to play ^^

Hi, i really want to play the game but itch won't let me download it. I press install, and it starts to download- but the flickers back to saying 'install'  and stops downloading.