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The most based NSFW developer

Honestly, I think Ruby would do well as a teacher or writer, somehow it fits very well to me. Maybe some office like her mother.

As for Beryl's friends, I'm not a fan of ntr stuff, and it feels like it's going that way. It'd be ok if they stayed friends though, I like how she cares about them and the friendship between them in general.

Quite a few, mostly past the scene with Erica but they were all over the place in this update. I'm used to some small errors here and there, but there were some pieces of text that were hard to read. Also I think that a scene in the theater would be really cool and I was a bit disappointed there was nothing. As for favorites, I still enjoy Sofia's content the most, but this update (or any of the last three) in particular had a lot of good stuff.

After a bit of a break I played again and catching up with 3 updates was a lot of fun! I really like where the game has gone in the past few months and I really enjoyed it! If there's something I'd complain about it's the fact that there were some big grammatical errors in the last 10-15 minutes of the current update. Other than that it was great and I'm glad I could finally play this game again!

Nothing in particular, just the amount of sex content in general

Had a lot of fun with this one, already waiting for the next update

Can't wait to play new release!

I liked this update, there was quite a lot of content with different girls, it was really nice

I really like Sofia, so I'd like to see more of her. Also I'm really interested in the nurse, if that's possible.

As for me I really like the game so far, especially the last update. Waiting for more!

I like the update. It's nice to see progress on the game. I just hope to see more sex scenes in the next update.

Congrats on that!

I really like it so far! I'm waiting for more

It looks really good, fits her nicely, even better than a dress probably. I'm glad you made the change.

I really like the new outfits, it's nice to see the girls in something different, but I think that Lia would look better in different top. Also Beryl could use a change, maybe a dress or something similar? I also like the changed hairstyles, it's a nice touch.

Glad to hear that. Now all I can say is that I will be patiently waiting for the final update and hopefully part 2.

No problem. I know you may feel compelled to keep working on this game all day and keep us informed all the time, but remember that it's also ok to take a break for yourself. Working on the same thing all the time can really burn you out and no one will benefit from that. With that being said I'm glad you continue working on this game. After the thread on F95 died I was positively surprised to see you still going. I just hope you have as much fun developing this game as we have playing it.

Please do take your time, especially since this will be the last update. I think it will be greatly appreciated by everyone if it will be well written. At the same time please don't overthink it and overwork yourself. We can all wait a while.

I like how every girl gets some attention in every update and the progress is really nice considering how quickly every update is released. Maybe some more scenes including Erica. I also like when the girls get new outfits, it makes the scenes feel really refreshing. If I could give you some pointers, I'd love to see more mother+daughter scenes and maybe a bit more renders during sex scenes, since sometimes text doesn't match what's happening on the screen (although it would probably take more development time). But all in all I love the game as it is and hope for much more to come.

Really love this update. I have to say that I really like how the principal's story is going. Can't wait for more!