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My Badger, my dear badger i was waiting for this for so long T-T now i can finishi this year very happy.

I really need to know what's next in Norman's route... i'm in love with that cute bear and I'm looking forward to the next update. :) excellent history and characters, grea work.

Norman... that's how i like daddies

I need more of Norman... my favorite polar bear... cant wait to see  more

Please finish Rowley, the best and i think he is really cute and the best one.

I am in love with Nik, why do i need a man like him in my life?

well i dont mind having both or a secret ending with ted xD

where can i see more of Ted? that polar bear is handsome :3 

Is it possible to find the passwords before the bad endings?

thanks for clarifying that, i had a headache because of that xD ( amazing all your work, i love Dean and Tyson)

My heart was about to stop beating XD


Where do I choose Logan as my husbando? :3

i need to say this, i love coach griffter, but Ted is hot too... i have issues for bears... thanks for the excellent work every word and character are perfect.

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amigo aun no se acaba, es parte de la historia, pero te entiendo pues yo me siento afligido emocionalmente por esa situacion xD y peor aun que ahora Logan es incluido y ese oso polar me encanta, escoger entre él y Tai es dificil, ambos son de lo mejor :3 amo esta VN

congratulations, we love this project and happy birthdays :)

i am confused, i love Tai and that's for sure, but Logan is so fucking cute, if i have to choose between those two i will have an existential crisis... i just love this VN, I love Tai's route and I NEED a Logan route so bad.

Logan, i really want a route about him,  I just love him and i think his personality is cute :3

Nik is the best for me, i love that sexy hunk 

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more, i want more, i need more... excellent work i just love so much Tai's route and his route reminds me of the beginning of my realtionship, except the fact that my lover is not that rich lol

YESSSS Nik finally i can see more of you

i am in love with Tai for sure and this pic is the best one, i need Tai's route so bad 

nikolai, i need more about him

Adastra is the best visual novel ever...  I JUST LOVE IT, i wish an Amicus for me

the bear! Logan needs a route.

this is the best game so far, i want to become a patreon because i love this game... I want to know more about Lars ang Gil. i dont care how much time you need to finish i'll wait for it.

ok now i am in love with Diego and Logan... Diego is cute and with Logan, somehow i wish a route with him xD

Nik is the best, i NEED to know about his route, he is the nicest and sexiest guy of this VN... i want someone like him

thanks :)

hey someone knows dyllan's route? and for everybdy :)