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I am so invested in this story now, and Yonah is the epitome of "eye candy" I love his design♥

I don't know if more would be revealed in Part 2 or if I just missed something but I'm HUNGRY for more (see what I did there...ok I'll see myself out)

I'm still in the process of playing and recording my playthrough but I have to say right now that your writing is amazing!! I don't think a character has ever made me more ACTUALLY mad and then another character just melts my heart!! It's almost comical how quickly I go from slightly simping for Geist to googling the phone number for the ghostbusters! And your art is beautiful, Kalei's smile could stop natural disasters!♥

I really am enjoying this story and hope you'll like the video (and how salty I get) when it's done. This is an excellent game that I'm sure will resonate with a lot of people!!

Aw man!! I have no idea how that could be. Is there an error message that pops up or anything?

Thank you so much for playing!!

This was an amazing adventure!!! Although I had an idea what would happen, I was not prepared at all! I love all the easter eggs to the Italian play that I know very little about, it makes me want to learn more about it. This story is very interesting and I can see a lot of love and thought was put into it, I love Pierrot and am excited to learn about the other characters!!

🤩🥰🤗🥹Thank you so much for playing my game!! I can't wait to watch it!!!!!

Thank you for playing!! I know right, how rude of him! But if you were to try and date him again...

I am equally excited!! I'm so happy when developers watch my videos!!! THANK YOU!! 

I am so moved that Louhi is such an important character to you! I love when developers share their favorite characters and I see that a ton of love was put into Louhi! He really is a great character now that I see everything that went into him! You definitely did a great job showing his personality! Upirs sounded familiar but I had no idea of that sort of creature or the goddess that inspired his name! That's so COOL!!!♫♪ Also I just read the walkthrough for the secret ending and want to make a shorter video on that too!

This was (terrifyingly) AMAZING!! I've played a lot of games like this and very rarely does the love interest ACTUALLY scare me but whoo boy this was a LOT of fun!! Louhi is so deceptively handsome and at first you think he'll be subtle but NOPE, smooch time in less than 5 minutes of meeting the MC!♥ And I LOVED the voice acting, it fit so well and really added to the horror!! And I love how accurate he was with his medical knowledge, I just really love well read characters.

I had a lot of fun with Morgan, you quickly get a feel for him and his personality and he's quite charming! I also love how the mystery of the story starts being set up, like what really happened with Morgan's family and how does the friend you're going to see play a part?! Morgan is an absolute sweetie and I can't wait to play more!

Oh yeah! It should be still there but Ashton was referring to the person who made Sorry if that's too...fourth wall..breaking. He WAS talking about Monika about the "tricks" he's learned, but in the context of the story, Ashton knows who "I" am, that is, the person who programmed him at the Bureau (or snuck in and changed his programming) Sorry if that was confusing.

OOH I'd love to hear your theories! Yes the hipsters thing was there but some dialogue WAS changed, just very minor stuff, and Kadsey being a bit more direct when he instructs you to go to the photo room. Hopefully all questions get answered when I finish the second game completley

Hehehe thank you so much for playing!!😁

I am very proud of his Non Steve head 😁, good luck with your writing!!

It SHOULD be that John appears after the first two photos are gotten AND you've gone on at least two dates, kind of an incentive to pick other dialogue options since you get stuck with Ash again. At least that's how it SHOULD work, some things may have gotten switched around as I sometimes forget my own programming.

Thank you so much for playing!! It haunted me so much when I learned that some people can't edit out their name if they're playing live so I snuck that in as kind of an in-character fail-safe ^^. And honestly seeing poor john all mangled made me sad so I toned it down a little and added a bit more to that scene. 

REALLY?! For a game this beautiful!? Well I had a great time playing it!♫

Sadly the Bureau will need to "reboot" the entire simulation to clean up any inconveniences. 

(There's only Ashton in this first game however my SECOND game "Picture Perfect Boyfriend Reboot" has ALL the guys to date. While it's not 100% finished right now, all of their stories and cross dates are done, just a few pictures and the ending needs to be done.)

Ah thank you so much!!!

This was such an absolutely lovely and cozy game!!♥♥♥

Thank you so muuuuch!!!!♫♪

Ah♫♪ Thank you so much for playing!!

It's ready now♫ The updated game is on my game page and it's called "Picture perfect boyfriend Updated"

Thank you so much for playing!! That probably would be amazing if I could work with someone who knows Renpy, that way I could make an experience similar to "Doki Doki literature club". (But I have no money and I get nervous working with other people). 

Thank you again for playing!🥹

Hehehehe he gets cocky when he thinks he's won 😁

i hope you enjoy the new scenes!!


I think this one will be done pretty soon! Thank you for playing!

I had a lot of fun playing this! I don't know exactly what this beefy shadow truly represents so I hope I didn't over analyze, but my goodness did this game give me the FEELS!!

AH☺ Thank you so much for playing!! Body/face diversity was definitely something I wanted for this game (seriously so many mainstream VNs have guys with the same FACE and just different hair). Thank you again for playing, hopefully I can wrap it up this year!

I think a friend of yours recommended this game and I am glad they did! Your game is very beautiful and such a sad story! Your art style is like a painting! I hope to see more of what happens next!!

What you said about masks and your personality being made of shards of failed performances is so poetic!! I love that! It sounds so much like what I want for Alouette (because a lot of the characters are “parts” of me AND almost everyone wears a literal mask. My favorite is Colibri the people pleaser who wears an entire divers helmet as a “mask”) And I feel that too on not knowing who I was growing up. I Feel that I didn’t really meet “me” until I hit 30! But that’s a part of life, I don’t think many people ever know themselves. I say to myself a lot that “I don’t know who I am but I know who I want to be” and I tell myself to just be. I’d actually love to explore that because I’ve always had an interest in psychology.

I am American and while it’s not great I do feel that America slightly understands mental health a little better. I remember hearing that in Britain it’s far worse and there is even less help for people. Don’t get me wrong, America still stinks when it comes to actually helping people. But when I talk to some older people they do understand things like depression and anxiety. And I hate when they call us “lazy”, they do that here too, yet there are so few opportunities to thrive. I could go into how many people barely have enough money to survive, wages still haven’t risen, prices on basic needs are rising AND they want us to start having children, but I don’t want to turn this into a vent about America haha.

I’m really glad you enjoyed the video so far!! I was worried that I said too little but it’s kind of felt like watching a movie with a friend. I noticed that a creator named Your Game also did a video but they don’t add commentary to their videos, that’s someone else who played it!

I like the little black ball of negativity analogy, I may have to try that! I think personifying or turning the negativity into something mentally tangible and then getting rid of it (like kicking the black ball or naming your depression “Void” and telling him to be quiet) really helps. To be honest I’ve always assumed I am on the Autism spectrum but health care is difficult in this country and I just never had the time or money to get a proper diagnosis. But regardless I want us both to just BE, to do what makes us happy and continue to move forward and do our best in this crazy world!   

When you were describing how people thought you were aloof and it was just social anxiety, I felt that on a deep level. I also, and still am, very quiet. I love making videos because that’s my best self, that’s me at my happiest, just sharing cool games with friends. But in real life I’m super quiet and way more terrified of everything, haha. And I definitely know the feeling of social awkwardness being mistaken for something negative.

I wholeheartedly think mental health is something that should be talked about more! I’ve probably said it before but it’s something I feel really strongly about. After I started playing Sapphire Snow a bit more I felt that I really wanted other people to see it because I know people suffer in silence. I don’t know if the video will get a bunch of views, but maybe someone will feel heard and seen.

I love that analogy of using kind words against negative thoughts like a tiny lantern!!! I love that so much, because that’s what it feels like. I once saw a video where a person has two jars and the positive praise jar gets filled with tons of colorful beads but then the negative jar gets one single bead dropped in, then the woman smashes the jar full of praise (quite violently actually) and carries the jar with the one bead like it’s important. So I try to imagine carrying the full jar and leaving that single bead alone. Kind of a strange analogy but that thought of cherishing praise has helped me a lot recently.

This was a lot of fun! You really know your way around making games! (Thank you for also writing a more direct walkthrough, I almost had to get out paper and pen to calculate how to get the endings!) I can definitely see how this game could be stressful and that was so absolutely sweet to include a decompression button! This was really a fun adventure,

AWWW! Thank you! I'd really appreciate that♫ My youtube channel is at

I have a twitter and tumblr but I'm not on there very much, and also a tiktok where I put up clips of my youtube videos.


I LOVE the new artstyle so much! It's so lovely and crisp! I can't wait to see the rest and how Alan's story unfolds (but I actually can because a great game is never rushed! Please take your time and take care of yourself!!)

I'm left with more questions than answers (I kind of enjoy that ^^). I have some theories but they are probably wrong, and I can't wait to see what happens next! If Liam's plan was to make me care more about him, it's worked!

This was really cool!! I was expecting a parody but Liam is very much his own person and I'm very interested to see what happens next! He is very skrunkly and his smile must be protected!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I really like your character design and the stories are super interesting! I hope to be able to play more but a great game is never rushed so do take care of yourself!!