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Amazing, I didn't expect a response so quickly! Thanks so much!

This is so cool! Any chance you could make is available as a .pocket file also? (for Analogue Pocket)

I’m running on Windows 10, and I think it’s running in the itch sandbox?

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I love this game, the style and themes really resonate with me! But the save system is infuriatingly vague, and my save seems to have been deleted? I played up through the second day, logged out at the end, and when I logged back in today I was back at the very beginning. I already had to play the first day twice, I don't think I can play this any more, unless there's a way to jump to the third day :(

I downloaded it and played via the client.

I really enjoyed this, it really made me pine for a fun trip with good friends. For some reason I didn't have any music though? I didnt realize there was meant to be any until the credits rolled :(