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Thanks for playing! I do think it could use a bit more in-game guidance. I've got a few other updates to make and I'll try to get something in to help with that.

Nice work! Was fun to hang out for a bit and just plant stuff  🌱

Cute game! The text reminds me of Baba is You!

Not sure what the deal is, but the Mac build won't open for me and I'm getting a generic "cannot be opened" error. I'm on macOS 10.15.15 if that helps!

Great, thank you! The webgl build is the original LDJam version of the game (I need to update the page to make that clearer). All the new work I've done is for the downloadable versions, so I'd recommend giving those a shot. There are a few big gameplay differences, like no use of power or repairing, and I've added online high scores and am in the process of getting different music. Kinda at the broke it apart to build it back up stage. Lots more to come, especially on the music/difficulty/levels front!

And I'm glad it reminds you of SW Racer! That was a huge inspiration for Tracer!

Thank you for playing! If you don't mind me asking, what build did you play? If you run into any issues please let me know!

Thanks, I am too! I'd like to provide soundtrack suggestions and other ideas for creating some ambiance. And agreed on being playable remotely, that's something I really want that as an option, which is why I'm trying to hard to avoid needing other components like dice. I want the player to just need a copy of the rules and some way to mark the map and your commands, plus at least one other person to play with. So far I don't think there's anything in there that would prevent people from playing remotely!

I'm making a game about a submarine! The rules are still in progress and I need to playtest the game, but you can see what I have so far here:

Also, apparently "Sugar Dog" is a station in the sub's control room, or it was in WWII, which I thought was pretty neat.

Got any helpful zine-related resources? Post em here!

I'll start:

It's going! I'm gonna try to get a gameplay video uploaded today!

Here's another tutorial I found that will help you make a ball and paddle game in Javascript.

Here's a tutorial to get people started with a ball and paddle game in Unity. It's pretty basic, but it was helpful when I first started using Unity.

Ha, I'm very into the look and feel of this game!

Nice work! Love the art and music! Reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy. I did keep getting stuck in midair and running out of cards, but thems the draws I guess.

Haha, love it! Very funny, that's a fun game.