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I think the downloadable version is bugged in some kind cause I played like 10 times without winning then I tried the browser version and I won in the first go ;_; I liked it a lot tho

It was cool but at one point I got no sacrifices bc I died in my first summoning

A pesar de que suelo jugar en inglés, decidí jugarlo en su idioma original llevándome la grata sorpresa de que le protagoniste use pronombres neutros. Me gustó mucho el juego, creo que es el primero que conozco que está dibujado a mano. La única crítica que puedo llegar a imaginar (?) es que Elena nos haya insultado respetando nuestra identidad de género, aunque respeto la decisión de le autore al permitirme creer que ese tipo de utopía existe.

No solo hay representación no binaria, sino que abre los marcos de como las lesbianas pueden amarnos también. Esto me hizo muy feliz y voy a probar el resto de los juegos 

I was confused at first bc of the dark spots, I didn't get it so fast. I liked the concept, I think it was creative how you tell the story in so little time

this was pretty funny, i began to play it thinking some of them were cousins indeed then it hit me lolol

thank you hahaha

I didn't think I'll be so scared, but I was. Great game! I can't wait for the full release :D

i really loved both of your games! hikoma is one of my fav ships and i had so much fun with these lol, i also enjoyed the artwork and your writting., 

this game is so sweet, I feel touched

When she asks you to lick your pussy you have to choose "Say no" so you can later punish her ^^