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Hello CoalFire, as promised, the english translation is on ! have fun :)

Thx for this review CoalFire ! Crazy Challenge  to try an adventure game in French without knowing any words :)
English translation will be available during the end of september, the team is on it !

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Sorry for this, but thx for the feedback. The team will upload soon a fix. 
> Fix added ! :)

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Thanks CoalFire and happy to see you here :)
Your walkthrough is great and will be a wonderful help for the next players.

Hi There !

Wow, thank you  so much for your video review, that's amazing the way you discover the game ! :)
We will warn our alumni who created Agatea.

At last, good comment at the beginning : we will specify the type of keyboard to use in order to ease the keyboard controls.


Hi, thank you so much for your comment and the video review you made ! We will forward your comment and advices to the alumni who made this game.

All the best

OK thank you, but the game is about 2 Go. I will ask them :)

OK thank you, keep us in touch when your video will be online.
In other hand, we will upload new gamesoon this week : stay tuned :) !

Greetings !

Hi, thank you for commenting, your video is just great, your review and your advice at the end  are helpful for our students
Did you ever tested our other student game Abadi ? This is a cooperation game, you need to play two players.

Hear from you soon
All the best