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NB: Copy / Paste from ludum dare entry, everyone deservers to see my comment haha

Hi I just played your game !

First, I found the idea really funny, thanks for doing a game with it haha The irony was hight :D

Regarding the enemies and the fight system; i found myself blocked right before the second enemy, where jumping from the higther platform makes me collide with the above cell and falling on the enemy, or just walking and passing finally right to the enemy where... The big problem, you can't beat the enemy from the right. The character won't turn over and the selfy stick will be recording your hard death by a blob haha

Anyway, the level design could have been less harsh, more continous and some features still looks in progress; but I had fun :)

Nice day 'mate !

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Hi !
Thank you for your attention ! Indeed I had to change my gitlab username for my exams; I changed the link in LudumDare entry.
For a short access, please follow this link :
Hope you'll like it :)

Thanks !

Edit: As it was made with an older Godot Engine version, you might have to use it so it execute sucessfully.

NB: Copy / Paste from ludum dare entry, so everyone can see some comments :)

Oh woooow ! So much work dude ! Amazing :D

I just played your game, and a tutorial is REALLY important here, i spent 15 minutes to find how to kill this thieves, but thanks to @lonesurvivor I found out there were something else than blocks :p

Finally, good music, nice graphism, matching sounds, gameplay amazing, path finding (really?!), concept matching the theme... Even build a strategy is funny, helping with the pathfinding (strike to the chest) and helping with actuals walls, I could kill 25 of them :D

Your game deserves much attention, an to be evaluated a good tutorial, you might add something as a fix like "Hey, click around the block on the top to change selected tool !" and everything will be fine ^^

Thanks a lot mate :D

NB: Copy / Paste from the ludum dare entry, so everyone can see a comment :)

Hey I just played your game, that was funny ! As everyone said, the main problem to enjoy the game as its full potential is that we have bad feedback and we don't know how exactly our actions influences the game.
Some solutions, great the reaction to actions, a slave missing rest should have an icon, an animation and a red arrow down to show he works less. Happyness / Sadness is a good idea, maybe you should write what it implies (a work multiplicator ? A production per second (eg: 0.5%/s).
Visual are not that bad IMO, simply you made the whole thing on the whole screen so it looks so big ! The text centered would have given a better view for the same work you did.

Anyway, the concept is ambitious, I'm happy there are ambitious games ! I had fun, I'd have liked more feedback, I guess this is your real "problem" :)

Thanks mate ! :D

NB: Copy / Paste form ludum dare entry, everyone deserves to see my comment haha

Hey, I just played your game :)
I've been surprised by the dot texture / filter that is hard to handle in fullscreen with a big brick on front view haha

Otherwise, I'd have appreciated a key to rotate the selected brick, I wanted some fantasy in my pyramid :p
I liked the sounds to tell you when you take then take off the brick you select, nice helper. The pysics are good, but the camera / character lacks of frcition meaning you slide on the ground after walking a bit, and I made some bricks fall due to this slide ^^

Finally, a little background music / sound would have given some deepness to your work, but the simulator is here. Just sad to find that we had a place to settle our pyramid and make it fly while I've done mine in a black space near the spawning point :p

Had fun building, thanks mate !

NB: Copy / Paste from ludum dare entry, everyone deserves to read my comment haha

Hey, I just played your game; that was quite nice. I had some issues with the toggle statement of arrows and not only press-to-cast style, but that was nice finally. I found the hitbox of the word a bit tigth, but it didn't mind me thought.

Finally, I don't know if it is the strategy you wanted, but I found that taunting them all before casting the arrow where the most effective strategy. So I get close, they all follow me, I wait for the arrows and go back to first step. Maybe it lacks of an element valorizing the sword, as a heal or a real effectiveness.

I had fun and that's all that matters ;) Thanks !