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This game's fantastic.  It's simple, intuitive, creative, solid, smart, and fun.  It's everything a great game should be.  Please make a sequel to this.

This game won the LowRes GameJam.  This is definitely worth a play.  

You're welcome.

You're welcome.

It was.  I found it very enjoyable.  This is a well-developed, professionally-done, small, retro game.  This was very fun to play.  Thanks much to the creator for this.  I'd love to play the other games made by this person.  

This game seems promising.  Solid presentation.  I'll check it out.

That was a simple and fun little game.  This is how games should be.  I enjoyed it.  Thank you much.

This is a difficult, yet fun game.  The character Goober the Goblin is very likable.  I enjoyed this game.  I'll try some of your other games someday.

That game was very fun.  The rewindable bullet concept is creative.  I'd love to see this implemented more in other games.  Thanks much.

This game looks interesting.  I'll try it.

That was definitely fun.  This game is much better than the original Sonic 3D Blast.  Thanks much for this game.

This looks fun.  I'll definitely play this.

Thank you.  I'll update the game so that it's more user-friendly.  

Thanks much.  I'll try your games sometime.

OK.  Thank you much.

You're very welcome.

Thank you.  I just need to make this into other formats to be playable to everyone.  That'll take time.  Thanks much for the compliment.

I did.  It was very fun.

Thank you. 

I will.  Thank you much.

You're welcome.

Why wait until Christmas?  It's fun now.

You're welcome.

I definitely will.  Thanks.

It was.  It reminds me of playing SnowCraft way back when.  This game reminded me on how fun that was.  Thank you.

This looks relaxing and fun.  I'll play it.

I'd love to play some more Pico-8.  This game looks especially fun.  

It was.  Short and sweet: my favorite kind of games.  Thanks, exhausted boi.

This game looks like it's right up my alley.  I love a solid and short retro game.  I'll play it.

Holy moly.  I was right.  This game is fantastic.  Reminds me of playing Dr. Livingstone, I Presume for Apple II

A retro turn-based strategy game?  Count me in.

Yep.  It is.

This looks like possibly the most intuitive and creative game on this site.  I want to try this.

That was simple and fun.  Another great Pico-8 game.

That was very fun.  Is there anything the Pico-8 can't do?

Yep.  Pico-8 Chess.  What's not to love?

This looks like another solid Pico-8 game.  I'm definitely playing this.

Rogue-likes are fun.  This game is no exception.  Also, it's for the Pico-8.  I love that fictional system. 

Yep.  It's good.