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it was really cool :) i just love playing games with cool concepts, and even though i was aware there was no danger by the end, the tense atmosphere was pulled off well

oh my gosh thank you, of course!

Such a pretty song!!! I've been obsessed for a while! can i make a cover? I'm trying to start recording music and i think this is such a beautiful song to practice and have fun with! <3

This is such a lovely game! Nika is so well written and as somebody with kind of bad depression, a couple of moments with Lera hit close with me. they are the most sincere characters I've seen in a game in a long time <3

it is not a glitch, it is a mechanic :) i just finished the game and it says whether or not he you sae him in the credits :)

i am IN LOVE with this game!!! I'm already chronically on discord so the layout is very familiar to me, plus the characters all are so nice to talk to and i feel very comfortable, plus they all talk like real people <3 quest gave me butterflies and had me cheesin all night

aww this made me smile so much, it was super fun :))) tbh i do actually need to go start my day even though its 2 pm

this is really epic