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Eshkova - Bloodmoon Pictures

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will be streaming this game in T-5 minutes from the moment of posting this comment! verry interested in what awaits me!

Ahmes Lifestream by Bloodmoon Pictures

*wants toa ctually pay for this game more then the estimated "pay what you want" price, assuming such a project would ofer this.*

Game: yo totally free.

me: *suprised picachu face with angy eyebrows*

ill make a letsplay later along the line (or a stream?) but the first unspoilered view here is promising as heck!

you are verry welcome! 

Awesome game, the physics made me laugh way more then i thought they would! played it in a livestream as part of a challenge and it  was definetly a fun expereince! (id love MORE of the LORE xD)

Really awesome game! Huge fan of the mix of fun/cute with the horror contrast and the story is verry inreresring too! Made a letsplay of my experience with a bit more indebth talking about what i thibk aswell in case anyone is interested! ^^ definitively interested in more! 

Fun little fangame! that first jumpcare got me evry time xD loved that you sued the original assets!

I also played it on my Youtube Channel, feel free to take a look!

SAME x-x at least old granny now has a friend with her in the enxt place :')

nice! thanks alot!

Awsome game! caught me off guard after a few questions and my mind went wild xD curious  for more!

apparently the power outage didnt save my comment, ill post it in a moment but sepereate the follwowing question from it:

I got the "get featured" version and it brought me to a "gift the game to someone else" page and i got confused, did it work? xD

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scary and fun! i played it on my channel and can only say its really nice! curious for more. here a link to the video i made about it !

enjoyed it alot so far! here is my letsplay of it, really nice music and cute artstyle! :D

didnt know what i expected but this wasnt it xD funny idea!

this game looks amazing and is really cool so far! I played and recorded it for Youtube but the video will be published in January since i will be out with family over the holidays, but im eager to learn and see more!

The only thing i would suggest to change is the camera handling, it feels awkward to not be able to move the camera with mouse movement, but the press of the mousewheel wich might trigger the change of ranged weapons while moving the camera.

nice but difficult game, i sometimes had the feeling that some of my keyboard keys didnt work, though that might be just me.
you will see me playing this game in the beginning of the Christmas special video on Bloodmoon Pictures on YT, i wont be home though so i cant link the video in the comments ^^'

i just pre-recorded a video for this game wich will be published while im away celebrating christmas with family, it had me really confused at times but its a pretty nice game! (wont be able to link the video here by the time the vid will be published sadly ^^' )

to be honest, i preffer this game over flappy birds for the style xD nice game, im just really bad at it! ^^

wich makes it all the funnier!

you are really welcome, i definetly had fun plaiyng it!

 i played this game in a video and had fun xD
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Had alot of... fun? playing this game, weird as it is it was a great experience!

this game is a great little game, i love that it has different endings! really nice :D i played it for my YT channel aswell, if youre intrerested in seeing it:

here is my video, even though i got overwhelmed fast, i really enjoyed it alot! ^^

a verry cute little game! played it for my small YT channel aswell, cant wait for more of this game to come out, i hope my support brings you further!