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Nice little game, got me well invested once i found a certain secret, and some things REALLY got me on my unexpected end xD
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this game perfectly cgot me in the mood for baking some cupcakes, and into spoopy season too!! really enjoyable game but a bit more srtessfull then i anticipated xD

really chilling short game, loved the experience and the atmosphere was AMAZING and too close to  home haha, awesome!

i dont know your available resources, but maybe cutting them to one word for funtime freddy would work in its favor :) i know the iconic lines would be not as entertaining if cut down, but for a gameplay experience it should be shorter i think.

and thanks alot! wish you best of fortune! :)

the art and cutscene are awesome, but some of the soundbits may be a bit too distracting once it comes to an actual game, espacially with funtime freddy

I uh, am kind of confused, but i liked the game alot for the weird mysterious elements it has. kinda eldritchy, iu am still confused but i enjoyed nomming the little blue things.

i also made a letsplay becouse i enjoyed it~!

YOOOOO didnt expect BfW to turn up here, espacially after all these years, on the popular section!

HOURS upon hours of fun with custom maps and campaigns, even if the RNG of the single units attacks sometimes really F***ed me over xD cant wait to give it another go with some friends!!

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this is like a pure shot of nostalgia, i had to get back into the gameplay but its amazing how well this remake works, definetly will play more!! so awesome!!! just had to make a Letsplay: 

PS: I found a bug where reinforcing the last wall you need to dig through in the tutorial, triggers the ending, just like it was exploded. its seeable in the video :)

you are very welcome! sora's positive "it wont bring me down" attitude, or later in KH3 "its bad, but i wont give up!" attitude has always been verry inspiring to me personally.

thank you for sharing the love for this franchise on here in this way! ^^

more a fanfiction then alternate tutorial in my personal opinion, but i highly appreciate to see works of passion from the Kingdom Hearts Comunity :)

(in my verry personal opinion: Sora felt a little too out of character, with the somberness and selfdoubt in such a tutorialistic setting, wich are also supposed to introduce you to the basic character of sora. And in my opinion he wouldnt negatively remenisce on the events of DDD that much, in this way.)

had some real fun and brainteasers playing this game, i may be bad at trivia but an eldritch being hosting it is a idea i couldnt pass by!

awesome game! my body cant keep up with its energy xD 

whatever my opinion on the later developement of the studio may be, whatever my personal take on fanworks and headcanons is,

i can no less then highly appreciate this work of love and applaud you for making this.

really enjoyed this brain-exercize of a small adventure, the game is well done and the progression always kept me on my toes! great work!
also,  silly letsplay for anyone interested xD

saw this game, and reading the name i knowit was a smal gem, the suprise of some non-pspoiler commentors nailed the deal to my door, so i did a video about it. great little silly game, actually really needed this today xD

had ton of fun playing it! just a small situation i got stuck in but otherwise i super enjoyed it!!

you can see me plaing here if youd like:

Thanks alot and you are verry welcome! :) Ii really enjoyed the style of the 3D enviroments and the way the story is told! 
and dont worry, the video on demand is and will be there for everyone, depending on how long the extra processing needs ^^'

will be streaming this game in T-5 minutes from the moment of posting this comment! verry interested in what awaits me!

Ahmes Lifestream by Bloodmoon Pictures

*wants toa ctually pay for this game more then the estimated "pay what you want" price, assuming such a project would ofer this.*

Game: yo totally free.

me: *suprised picachu face with angy eyebrows*

ill make a letsplay later along the line (or a stream?) but the first unspoilered view here is promising as heck!

you are verry welcome! 

Awesome game, the physics made me laugh way more then i thought they would! played it in a livestream as part of a challenge and it  was definetly a fun expereince! (id love MORE of the LORE xD)

Really awesome game! Huge fan of the mix of fun/cute with the horror contrast and the story is verry inreresring too! Made a letsplay of my experience with a bit more indebth talking about what i thibk aswell in case anyone is interested! ^^ definitively interested in more! 

Fun little fangame! that first jumpcare got me evry time xD loved that you sued the original assets!

I also played it on my Youtube Channel, feel free to take a look!

SAME x-x at least old granny now has a friend with her in the enxt place :')

nice! thanks alot!

Awsome game! caught me off guard after a few questions and my mind went wild xD curious  for more!

apparently the power outage didnt save my comment, ill post it in a moment but sepereate the follwowing question from it:

I got the "get featured" version and it brought me to a "gift the game to someone else" page and i got confused, did it work? xD

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scary and fun! i played it on my channel and can only say its really nice! curious for more. here a link to the video i made about it !

enjoyed it alot so far! here is my letsplay of it, really nice music and cute artstyle! :D

didnt know what i expected but this wasnt it xD funny idea!

this game looks amazing and is really cool so far! I played and recorded it for Youtube but the video will be published in January since i will be out with family over the holidays, but im eager to learn and see more!

The only thing i would suggest to change is the camera handling, it feels awkward to not be able to move the camera with mouse movement, but the press of the mousewheel wich might trigger the change of ranged weapons while moving the camera.

nice but difficult game, i sometimes had the feeling that some of my keyboard keys didnt work, though that might be just me.
you will see me playing this game in the beginning of the Christmas special video on Bloodmoon Pictures on YT, i wont be home though so i cant link the video in the comments ^^'

i just pre-recorded a video for this game wich will be published while im away celebrating christmas with family, it had me really confused at times but its a pretty nice game! (wont be able to link the video here by the time the vid will be published sadly ^^' )

I wish you and your family best of luck and good fortune, i hope this game gains more traffic since it is really well made and still freaks me out even after the (forgot to count insert number here) time.

to be honest, i preffer this game over flappy birds for the style xD nice game, im just really bad at it! ^^

wich makes it all the funnier!

you are really welcome, i definetly had fun plaiyng it!

 i played this game in a video and had fun xD