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Eshan Tahir

A member registered Mar 22, 2021

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Hi, cool game. How does this lighting system work?

Wow, I see. This looks amazing by the way, I thought it had lights. How long did it take for you to make your renderer? Do you know if it is feasible for a team of two to make a 2d renderer with ray tracing lights?

Cool game! Was this really made with sdl? How did you get 3d graphics (opengl?). Did you make your own renderer? Was it hard to use opengl/make your own renderer?

Cool!Do you use SDL alot? Also, do you know opengl by  chance?

Interesting, did you use the sdl opengl wrapper or native opengl? Did you make your own renderer? Did you find it hard to implement?

Was this made using SDL?

Was this made using SDL?