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Olá Pcarmo!

Muito obrigado pelo seu tempo e também pelo seus comentários. Acebei seguindo as tuas sugestões no website e realmente ficou melhor. Ainda tenho que trabalhar muito nele, mas assim pelo menos não fica com cara de abandonado.

Hi! Thanks for your comment! We are working on adding different difficulties! And we are also working on fixing that bug. Hope you enjoyed it!

:D Hopefully you'll see what's or who's behind that voice! 

Thanks for your comments! 

Thank you for sharing! Did you enjoy the demo?

Спасибо! (hopefully Google Translate did not let me down!)

Thanks! Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it!

Hi! Thank you so much! It really means a lot, especially the fact that you liked that the game is in Portuguese! 

No, you got it right! Those 2 thumbnails are not in the demo, it's what comes next! ;) 

We are working on the full game, hope you play it!

Hi! Thank you for your comment! Our idea was to make a game in our mother tongue but we will think about that! Thanks again for playing our demo!

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Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to make a gameplay vid of our game, it means a lot! Hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! I really like architecture and so this style made sense to me. So glad you enjoyed it as well! I'm working on the full game, hope you play it! 

Thanks for letting us know!  We'll see what the problem is and get back to you when it's fixed. 

We're so glad you liked it!  We're working on new puzzles. Thank you so much for playing our demo!

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Thanks very much, Queen faith 2020  for your time and the video, it was very cool of you! This is a big push to finalize the game.

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Hello Stella, thank you very much for your suggestion! I will change the default to WASD . Thanks again for taking the time to play our demo and making a gameplay video! 

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Thank you very much for your time and the video, it was very cool of you! Watching the video made me already think of some improvements (mainly the text).

This is a big push to finalize the game.