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Is there a way to uncensored the demo? Also is there a full version or is it in separate downloads for each chapter? I really love your work, I just want to experience more of it :D Thank you for your time, BIG ((HUGS)) 

Very well worded Navrim!! I also would like to express the exact same sentiment. 

Thank you all in Grizzly Gamer Studio's for you time, and hard work. 


Sounds like you might have a quest still active with someone less in the game. As for your other comments about 'finding were wolves' just keep exploring the forest... Are you new to this game? 

The link to this game no longer exist. If you are able can you please provide a new link to the game :) 

I am loving the game so far and I am excited to get to play more. Thank you for all the time you (and whoever is helping you) Hyao. ((hugs)) from Ohio

I love this game Rob and thank you very much for putting in the time to produce something unique for the gaymer community. I would like to make on suggestion tho, when searing itch "tags" (Bara, Gay) HC dose not show up. . .  Maybe change that so others can easily find the game :) I will be waiting, and watching patiently, thanks again for all the effort ((hugs))