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Do Xyx's route.

I love how in-depth the characters are, their way of approaching and making sense of themselves. I can see some of yourself in the writing, in Luella and the art is beautiful. I was playing Orion's route and thought to myself...wait a minute that voice is familiar lmao But honestly, amazing work <3 Figuring ourselves out, knowing what we love, what we can learn and tackle past relationships I love how that has been fleshed out and explored here And the idea of love/relationships yes yes Anyways, beautiful work team! 💗

You have to do everyone else's route first. 

Then you select


And cute to his picture

In what regard?

The writing is superb

I played this a few years back but I still remember how sweet and lovely it was until this day :)

I'll happily receive your offer :) 

We'll be supporting you all along the way :)

Can't wait to play~

Spoilers: (names)
At first, I was quite fond of Jack due to his warm and considerate welcome/personality. I also loved Reggie's nickname for the mc and their interactions/pushing each other to grow. However, even though Jim's interest in DnD piqued my interest, his route was enthralling. Their wordplay, convos and challenges made me love the experience even more. 


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Hopping on now~ 

I love how throughout the night the mc goes through self-discovery and learns to fight their 'past/demons'. Loving the interactions between characters. Very interesting personalities, glimpses into their past, all fighting/working on their own battles and challenges. The music is top tier~ Loving the dedication put into this project. 

I happened to laugh out loud on multiple occasions haha. A lovely game! (Verryyy charming characters)


Amazing work everyone!!~

My voice named is an option however I don't hear Cove saying it throughout the game. The name is present in text however I can't hear it. Is there anything I can do to fix that?

Thank you! Appreciate all the effort and thought put into this game :)

Hey, could you please give me a link to the twitch video? thankss

There is! Would u like me to send u a link?

I'm so glad I got a good ending on my first run-through!!


100% agree

Yes, you actually feel something bc of how real it feels. 

Agreed :)


Here ya go!

Thank you for your hard work!


Ikr~ Would you like the discord fanserver? 


Glad to hear they'll know my heartfelt appreciation for their work :) And yours

Could you send me a link to the server, please?

I absolutely loved this game~

It got me to feel a different way since these characters were so real and distinct in their own ways. 

As a discord user, my interest was immediately piqued and I'm certain lots of love was put into this game.

Each character's talking style, including their texts, the dialogue, story, and backstories of characters. 

The use of music to set the tone, emojis, fanart, sprites, CG's were greatly appreciated. 

My favorite character was Quest, his caring and thoughtful approach in addition to his calming voice ensnared me. 

His character growth, stories as he reveals the lessons and changes he's gone through, all so real and complicated molding him into the person he is today.

I truly appreciate this, it isn't just a game, it's more than that.


P.s (What was that '???' epilogue?)

This was a heartwarming, squealing-inducing, and sweet story. I loved the art, accompanying music, sound effects that truly set the tone and atmosphere. Raphael's character was especially a favorite. 

Your writing style is delicate and intricate (if that makes sense) it's beautiful, like Raphael. 

Overall this was a lovely story, please continue writing!! 

This story is enchanting, captivating and immersive in its storyline, characters art and character growth. 

Mitra's route was quite heartwarming, it was a sweet route.

Reksa's route in my opinion was adventurous, humorous and provided an interesting view of things from the komodo's side. I loved how he warmed up to the character. 

Rama's story was complicated and well written, I loved the depth of the character and the underlying reality behind his facade. 


In the end I grew fond of Reksa, the growth in trust, faith and love between them enamored me, especially the adorable courtship towards the end. 

I loved how you incorporated culture and the sprites, art, music and CG's were greatly appreciated and revered.

Thankyou for making my favorite visual novel!!

To be honest I was expecting to be fond of Sekheo's route the most, finding warmth in Valle's route and disdaining the route of proud Solis.

My love of Sekheo was further fueled in the two other routes as he proved a good listener and advisor. 

Valle was always the good friend I could be myself around throughout all routes. 

So I left Solis to last, expecting minimal favourtism, however that shifted. 

I was put off by his viewing of human and 'status' in addition to his proud demeanor however his willingness to attempt and see things from my POV was greatly appreciated.

And I especially, I say especially LOVED teasing him. His reactions were quiet cute.

To my surprise I began to tilt towards Solis who is now deemed my favourite :)

The characters are beautiful and I love~ The sprites

Unfortunately, I was unable to see the CG for Velle's route despite receiving a 'Perfect End' however I am content. 

Thankyou for intricately creating this visual novel. 

Blessings to you :)