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Hey, the game is still in development. We have actually have a release date now for the Steam and AppLab version of the game (Nov 3rd).

The itch version will probably be rebranded as a demo version or something along the lines.

it's VR onl

Thank you for the report! I'll look into it

Hey, someone else on the discord with a G2 has the same issues. I sadly don't have a G2 to test the game with, but I have added some G2 bindings for the next update, which should hopefully come out this week (I don't know if they'll work though). 

Hey Keron, 

Adding a slow gradual movement setting should actually not be too much work. b0.9 will have that feature, I'll put it on my todo list!

Try to download the updated version of the game in an hour when it releases, it should hopefully fix the issue you are experiencing!

Try deleting your save data and start over again. Press "Windows Key + R" and type in %appdata%. Press enter, go back to Roaming -> LocalLow -> ErThu -> Ancient Dungeon and delete the SaveData file. Be sure to have both controllers connected when you load the game, it might cause issues otherwise

Hey, not sure if I can support linux, I haven't looked into that but I will look into it in the future

Hey, yes a teleport option is planned. It will come soon

The game can be played on PC VR headsets

Thank you for the feedback!

The dungeon generation will be reworked next update, which includes features that remove a lot of backtracking so that should become a lot easier

Yes, it will come soon

I don't have plans to make a non VR version at the moment

Thank you, parrying is currently looked into but at the moment there aren't a lot of enemies where parrying makes sense. Maybe in the future.

I plan to sell it on Itch too

I haven't looked into PSVR yet, but maybe in the far future

A tutorial is planned

No spiders :)

Thank you for the feedback. There is no real inventory in order to keep things simple, you do however have 2 inventory slots on your wrists (like in HL:Alyx), where you can put potions and food.

You need to have a VR headset in order to play the game

Thank you for the feedback. Teleportation movement is planned and will come soon :)

Thank you for the feedback, I'll put it on the todo list.

no, its VR only

I plan on adding WMR support once I have my hands on a WMR headset

I don't think it works with google cardboard

If you have sidequest you can download the experimental .apk and install it on your quest. Since the .apk is still buggy it can currently only be downloaded from the discord but once it is stable it will also be published here.

Thank you for the feedback!

You can download an early buggy experimental version on the discord if you want to try it out. Once the beta is out of experimental it will also be available here on itch.

Yes, Sidequest release will be once Beta 0.6 is out of experimental!

Thank you for supporting the game!

I'm already working on improving the throwing mechanics for Oculus devices. It seems like they have the most problems with the throwing.

Not yet, in a week or two there will be an .apk that you can install on your quest.

Thank you for the feedback!

  • You need to pull of the cap in order to drink potions. Its also possible to just throw them on the ground next to your feet.
  • Pressing the menu button on the controller pulls out the sword. Trigger pulls out the knife. You can use them both at the same time.
  • Yup I want to add a tutorial that introduces you to the control scheme 
  • Good idea!
  • I don't think any item that drops out of jars needs to be picked up. It gets done automatically (its only coins and keys)
  • That bug will be fixed in the next version
  • I can add that as an option

Quest support is planned!

Thank you, my Quest arrives soon so I hope I'll be able to port it soon!

Yes, Quest was ordered a few days ago and once it arrives I can get to work on a port.

Oh.. Thank you! Fixed

Cool thank you! I already saw a few new bugs in your video that I can fix now :D