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Hello sonofigneel,
We wanted to make a tutorial level, but we ran out of time. That is something we plan on adding in the near future.

Thank you for entering our jam Megaten! Best of luck with the time that is left!

We have a server, and it is the groups server. If you wish to be in a server for the jam, we have everything you need here:
If there is something there you want but we don't have, you can request it in a DM to one of us staff. Thank you for reminding us to post this in the main jam page!

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Thank you Grey Wizard! Glad you liked it and thanks for the encouraging words too! We will continue work on this game and keep updating. I hope you continue to play it, and tell your friends!

alrighty! good luck on the voting!

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Thanks for commenting Germanjazzguy. The reason you are dying is most likely that you are getting hit by a bot, or the acid of the planet is hurting you. If you go without eating too long then the planet "acid" starts to hurt you, however eating will allow you more time without getting hurt, the "Acid attack" is indicated by the green bar. The yellow bar is your stamina, you can only sprint so long before you run out of stamina and must stop and allow it to recharge. The red bar is your life. And thanks for the vfx and music complement! Caleb Sacks made the music and sounds. We hope you will continue to watch us for new updates, new games, and other fun features and announcments!

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thanks for responding aergia, glad you liked it.
I hope you had fun and enjoyed playing the game.
We hope you will continue to watch us for future updates and new features to be released.

Also, we added a page showing the controls in the main menu in v1.0.1 (which is about to be released)!

- Erstel Team

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Hello jjem, thanks for commenting. Sorry about the hardship, we are not yet actually done with the game and the story is not known in the game yet, we hope you will continue to check on the game as we upload new versions with new features.