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Killall "Desktop Goose"


Killall "Desktop Goose"

There's no command prompt on macccc

Mac isn't windows

He's using mac




Run the .exe

Open the . zip and extract

Run goose.exe

He's on macccccc


Hold ESC

Hold ESC

Open command prompt and type in
taskkill /f /im goosedesktop.exe /t

Hold ESC

No, the goose is made using shapes in the code

there's a clicker mod


Viruses DAMAGE your computer

No it's not a virus. Yes you can delete it.


Deletes files?

This is not a bug. The goose WILL hold on to your cursor forever in version 0.22 and 0.2. This has been removed in version 0.3. For windows only.

The goose in v0.2 will endlessly steal your mouse. Version 0.3 (Windows Only) will not. 

find Netherite, diamonds are like useless now

He's using chromeOS on an acer laptop.

A different one....

You have to download dnSpy and change the application code itself. There are no mods than can do this yet.

Me too

Open the config.ini file and make the min and max wandering time smaller

if you delete all the memes it will just say "WHERE THE DAMN MEMES GO" and the goose will freeze

This is the best program ever. 11/10. 

But could you please make it so that you can trap or put the goose on top or inside a window? 

Perfect idea!!


Is it PNG?

Is the file too big?

Is the resolution too high?

I use windows and don't know how Mac works. Try enabling custom colors?

So you need to edit config.ini file

Change minwanderingtime to something EXTREMELY large and also make it the same for maxwanderingtime. 

This will change the amount of seconds the goose waits until it does something like being up a meme or leave dirt trails. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable only memes. You have to disable everything.