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thx. version: 1.0.5 and about the save you dont have to recreate it I just dont want it to happen again, I can get to that point in the game in 1h so for now I will check (my game got update) if there is still a problem, but still thx for reply.

I think that my save was on 1.0.4

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Well... when I load my game for the first time I spot that I lost all my food,ammo,wood,orbs and people, my base was ok but I lost resources, I also want to know how to quit the game, I choose in in game menu to leave and then I must accept it and then idk what should I do. Sorry for bad eng/grammar. Ooo and when I go for orb for example: to the cave, When I come back to base everything is x2-gate,people,everything. Its weird. Nevermind, now when I load the game I lost walls and house xD. traps and spikes survived but I lost house and idk what to do xDDD

When I was playing and a bear attack my group near the tress sometimes when he push my settlers out they block behind the tress and then I cant let them out. Sorry for bad englisch but pls fix this

Pls add something than needs a lot of wood or metal, at some point in the game Im forced to throw away all this wood and scrap because I have no space in inventory. Love the game keep the good work.

You need to use Axe