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this game was so cute but so sadddd. the art is beautiful and so is the writing <33!!

this game was SO GOOD!! i loved all the characters they were so fleshed out and intresting. the story had so many twists and turns and every step of the way u just got more dragged in. I can't wait to see more games u guys create this was just so so cool

this was so cool

love this game, so fun!! art is so cute and music and whole theme of the game is just awesome

so cool! art is really nice and its addicting tbh

so cool!!! the art style is gorgeous! the backgrounds, characters and cut scenes are all beautifully drawn. Thought the endings were scary as anything, the "HELP" one gave me a heart attack. I can't lie though, I had to use a walkthrough to get all the endings haha. Anyway, great game! Will definitely be checking out more of your stuff in the future!

super cute game, mintglow u never dissapoint!!!

literally one of the best games ive ever played in my life

Super cute little game!! Art and music is beautiful, shocked this was made in a week, its amazing!

Short and sweet game, had fun replaying 10/10

This was the most horrifying, cute and heartwrenching experience. The game is great, the visuals are beautiful along with the music. Great tone and vibe of visual novel. 


Didn't really see the twist coming so I was genuinely shocked.   After the first character you pick leaves, it doesn't even explain. That is true fear. You don't even know that your actions have consequences and you don't receive an explanation afterwards. This game is brilliantly terrifying, I LOVE IT!

NEED a sequel, probably one of the funniest games ive ever played 10/10

extremely SAD! but the visuals are incredible and the story is very cute. its almost like you can sense the characters just through these short moments, this game is so good

no game will ever compare to this masterpiece.

oh my gosh.

ford route underated






Absolutely spooked! Amazing game, shocked by the boundries this game pushed going to limits of reading your computer name in a renpy software. Can't wait to see more of this!!

i am crying.

i am in love with xyx

Love this so much oh my god.

Very nice game, lots of customization and features! :)

Played this game yesterday and it was incredible, the whole atmosphere is completely terrifying and the artwork is amazing. I really like the concept of the looping room in the hallway, the demon following Kat. It gets scarier and you expect a jumpscare but there isn't one and it's like your skin crawls and you finally realise what's going on. The bit that really got me was when there was a figure flickering that terrified me. Nonetheless this is a great game and I can't wait to see what else you guys have to offer :)!

now this, this is art.

this game is adorable, the cgs are beautifully drawn and the art style is so cute.  i played it again and again to get all the endings and they're great :)!