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I don't understand why the post for the giveaway was deleted? I do like the game but I can only run it on

Someone named u/tyeishing was pretending to be the developer on reddit? When I provided this feedback they just deleted their post. I tried to play this game via steam and it wouldn't work and I tried to install automatically via itch io's app and that also didn't work I had to manually download the zip for some reason to play this game.
Pleae give this a read so I can play this game via app

Uh what happens to this game after unity starts asking for more money?

Please change Coffe to Coffee or Covfefe

Stop using unsupported download sites

Here are Itchio's compatibility guides:  

Please use a supported method, so updates can be downloaded directly through the app.

This is really different from your other works it also seems really incomplete like a demo compared to your others stories for example Sable's Grimoire.

Has Arcticfox96 replied to you yet? Cultist is main charecter material

1000 Ducks shall roam among the building in my city...

I suggest using wineskin instead since it for a mac but for linux WINE FOR THE WIN

Also question since the game is free would you provide the source code for the game so other people can try porting it to Mac and Linux?

Still waiting for that to be fixed on the build

I tried to find your email address online but couldn't find it and it is understandable you don't want to be spammed or anything.

Minding sending it to with the title "steam key"

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Is it possible to get a steam key? Looking to have steam update automatically instead of periodically looking and noticing 1.08.1

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This story awesome although I would like some more choices like damn the story is already going to take you for a wild ride but with some choices for atlas, joel and selene who knows what will happen to your short little walk maybe it never ends... 
Spoiler below

(Sariel's being anymore blunt is going to get him killed)


uh when you meet shu might want to change "Sorry! I wasn't watching here I was going." to "Sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going." also this update is awesome!