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Thats the intended goal! :)

It wasnt meant to be a rage game, but it kinda became one


No, there is no light in a console 

Ok then

I joined

How did you make those room start animations? Did you put them on an object? If so where would you put that? What if the camera follows the player? How would you make the objects x value stay in the middle of the screen?

Truly a masterpiece.

Thanks, do you know any specific channels that are good to learn those kinds of stuff?

How did you make those win/death animations in Gamemaker? (im really new to gamemaker) Like how did you get an animation play and then move to the next room when you finish the animation? How do you detect when the animation is finished?

I meant the background on your profile. Like when I click you profile. Although since then I realized it was probably just the resolution of your monitor. I got it working and made a good background. (at least I think ) Can I ask you if my profile looks nice? Also, I freaking love your games. Like seriously how many good games can you make.

Unrelated to the game or how you made it, but (I can't find this on the internet anywhere) what is the resolution of your profile background?


How did you make that background in Gamemaker


How do you reset save data on win 64bit?

How did you make that background in gamemaker?


I'm on windows 10 and downloaded the game.  When I run it and choose King/queen it starts, but no one every comes. 

I downloaded it for windows (im on windows 10) and no one comes.

get over it he lazy