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I really loved it! Long distance hit me doubly hard, as I'm about to enter that situation myself. I loved the concept of AI development in those stories, with the main character looking at the little girl's friend and wondering what will become of her. Love potion was also really great, it had me squeeing and awwing the whole time. Overall,the collection was amaizng, and I'd love to see you follow up on any of these!

Jeez, I'm not sure if this is a light novel or a targeted attack on eggshells :P

Seriously though, I liked it a lot! I really hope you continue this, Trans Isekai has been something I've wanted to read ever since I read Only Sense Online.

I have to say, I am incredibly excited to see where this goes from here. The hook was absolutely excellent, and Kylie seems like a more-than-worthy new protagonist. There's a lot of conflict set up in these few pages that I am on the edge of my seat to see how it all plays out. Good job, and good luck.