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You are the goatest of all GOATs you know that? :)

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sure, here ya go: GO to the Menu and Activate New Game+ :)


no, because it all shuts down. There is no error, it is a full on closing all windows!

Thanks. I wanted to test this but the code I got from you for the menu (calling a common event in the menu) crashes the game so I can't.

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me again, sorry to be a bother. I was wondering if there is a way to reset the entire questlog. That means all quests should be reset to state 0, need to be rediscovered and all that. I know it can be done manually with Quest Status, but I was hoping to do it for the entire thing, since I am lazy and have 100 quests.

Thanks :)

I am, yes. The things is, I was hoping to accept the quests in the menu. Because if you forget its there, you could do it later?

So I have set up my quests. All is well. But when I declne a quest in the game, the quest STILL shows up in the questlog. It then says "accept quest to see task" or something. But there is no way to accept the quest in the quest menu.

Now, if I put a self switch to the questgiver, I can't accept the quest in the game. So either I make doubly sure that all quest givers have a second check that quests can be accepted again with them, OR there is a way to accept quests in the menu once they have been found :)

The switch tracking thing is just because my game is done and the questlog thing simply wasn't available when I started and I have to retroactively put the questlog into the game. I can do it manually, it would just be easier with switch tracking^^ No issue^^

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me again :) Can you add Switch Tracking, so that an objective becomes available when a switch is set to ON?

P.S.: Is there a way to accept quests in the quest menu after I declined them? Ideclined a quest to see wht happens and it still shows in the menu but I can't accept it there. I either have to ensure declined quests don't get added to the menu and the quest giver sticks around OR that there is a point saying declined quests that are available to accept in the menu.

PERFECT! Thanks :)

I have a question: I want to add a menu point that allows me to EITHER run a common event OR transfer the player to a different map. I tried javascript calls but the game always crashes. How wouldI go about doing that? Thanks :)

Thanks, but the video is not helpful if I get an error connecting to the database in the beginning. A connection to localhost won't do me no good. I want to do online highscores. I need to connect users to my server with my database. So I put in my server name, my database name, the password. And then I get an error.

Can't start. When i press ENTER on the Title, as it says I should, it crashes.

Thanks, I'll check it out and give feedback. :)

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I bought this but I am not that good with databases. I have no idea how to use this and your video does not help at all. It starts with the fact that after importing the plugin and setting up access to the database, which I have created and entered the correct login data, the console does not say it connected to the database at all. Script calls cause a crash, there is no explanation how to set up the database, how to store strings, nothing.

Perhaps you can provide an example project or an example database table we can upload to our servers?

What I am trying to do are leaderboards. Player Name (as typed into the user window upon completion of the challenge) Time spent (three variables) and date of time completion. And then I want to display that :)

Thanks :)


can you add an option that completed quests autocomplete all objectives, too? Thanks :)

Works, perfect! Thanks :)

Quick question, is there a way to make the music accept subfolders in the bgm? You have that in the menu music plugin and I would need that here, too :)

Thanks :)

That did the trick! Many thanks :)

Thanks for the reply. That is the issue. They do not show up at all. I can find them, accept them complete them, fail them, that all works. And when I complete them, they show up in the Completed Tab. BUt They do not show up at all when they are active.


I would need an "Active Quests" Tab that shows me what quests have been accepted but not yet completed. Am I too dumb to just see it or is it just not here?

Itch displays the wave bundle, yes, and it also states that if one already has one of the other purchases the bundle is 100% off. But when I click on it, it says that I have to buy a bundle first.

It's fine, really, I just wanted to let you know^^

Good day,

I purchased the Cooke Cutter Casino Pack and the special offer appears to be ready for download but when I click the butotn it says I am not eligible because I need to buy the Casino Pack (or others) first. But I did buy the Casino pack, which, by the way, works well but you have to copy the system.json file into the folder, too.

yes :)

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hi again,

just wondering if you have  a rough timeframe for this as I'd really like to buy it :)


no problem,  i am in early development, so no rush. in a few weeks is fine, still^^

Thanks^^ I really wanna use the plugin so if the refund thing doesnt work out you can also send me the zip via mail. whatever works best for you :)

okay, thank you.

is there a chance i can change my purchase to the mz version, then? thanks^^


I purchased this and get an "TypeError Cannot read property "registerPlugin" of undefined" in MZ. From what I can tell the error lies in the Pixi provided.