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Maybe there's a conspiracy to be made here!

Huh, Capricorn. I'm a Scorpio but tbh I don't know much about Capricorn so idk how much it suits me haha

"All Temptations Come to Those Who Wait"

DAMN THATS GOOD [writes this shit down]

bro imb shook lmao

I'm scared, it was dead accurate to real me. How-

[squints] oh goddamn that makes me even more confused lmao

I get to the point where I can only walk into the fog or do something with the arcade but I don't know what to do. I can't make out what the code or whatever the announcer/radio person is saying so if that's for the arcade game then I can't really pass that part.

mona lisa mirrored... wherever u are... ily...

You really need to balance out where the stores, work places, etc. are.

You just... should not have all the work places in a huge line making an impenetrable wall. You also shouldn't have like, zero food places near anything. If you die on the way from your work.

Also, you should probably make the walking speed slightly faster.

Then there's like 3 or something stores all in a line in the bottom right of the map, but you never tend to spawn there so like???

You really need to balance things like placement of food shops because there's like a whole half of the map where there are basically no food stores and you just end up starving because you could only buy like, a +5 out of 100 food or something and it's messed up because like, if you move away from the vending machine like at all ur gonna starve.

A little too laggy even on fastest for me for some reason. It just doesn't register that I clicked/grabbed an object and the hunger bar goes down faster than "fun and exciting" into "stressful and annoying"

It just neverending loops me

"You stall and Persephone gives you a gentle nudge. "Go on. You'll have to get used to him eventually. He's your responsibility now."
You force yourself to move closer but you still stop a few steps short of the gate. Do you really have to do this? "


"Return your attention to the task."

I wish you had thrown in one cousins just to throw us off but also big respecc

I got stuck.. There seems to be a missing link.