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Ooh, where can I get that plugin?

Was it made in MZ? I want to know the plugin that was used to allow the options for magic spells to select one or multiple targets.

I  see. Well, I guess it feels like a coincidence as a corrupting substance in my RPGMaker project Tempest Veil is also called the Miasma, though it has different origins.

Is it called Fog or Miasma?

I was wondering, are there any bits of Japanese school for the tileset?

Are you inspired by Hollow Knight or something?

Thanks, I would definitely recommend this game to TheGamedawg.

Are you working on any Mega Tiles water autotiles at the moment?

The first meeting, when the captain said he was going to make some dinner.

Hey, I think I got softlocked during the meeting at the base.

Gotcha. I barely managed to get through the game as shown so far. I guess it wouldn't hurt if maybe after you die, you respawn at the starting point if you're going for a roguelite path.

Are you still working on this?

Do you have a modern hospital tileset planned at some point?