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Thank you so much for letting me know! It has been unclear lately why it happens but I need all info I can get :)

Look for some better gear and make sure to explore a dungeon with the quest marker on :)

Not rn i'm afraid. The game is pretty much won after that :)

okay then after it's cleared it closes :)

The portal closes if you fall or clear it. If you fall you can sacrifice another class to try again :)

After all the base dungeons have been cleared you can build a shrine, see the rest :)

They can be explored once a traveler has chosen to stay in your town :)

very true, i didnt focus enough on these mecanics as I should have. I am not clear yet if I will change it much but we shall see.

okay! Thanks for the info, it helps me a ton!

Bandits camps spawn bandits that can raid and be killed by guards. The dungeon that goes dark is happening to some people and I just dont know why… When i patch the game it will hopefully be solved though!

I will have to look into that immediatly! Thanks for letting me know.

Once you sacrifice someone the portal opens, if you sacrifice 3 of them u have 3 attemps to go into the portal. If you fail there is no way of trying again.

many thanks! I will surely add an explanation for the light and make a more grasping goal. Nice to hear that you think it’s an amped up version of a dark room^^

yes! I will patch so that it becomes more clear. The light radius needs to increase to find dungeons. Thanks though!

Thank you! Yes I think the game needs some more overall explanation on what to do and how it works. Will patch it soon :)

Check out my latest game, Fire! It’s an idle build rpg, with a retro inspired art style.

The game is released but I might update it soon. If you have any feedback please comment! If you want to support my work you can donate!

This pack comes with animated characters, enemies and some ui!

I made these sprites to fit the theme of my previous tileset I published here

Feel free to use for commercial projects and edit as you like. I'm glad to receive credit. Let me know if you like what I do and want more or give me feedback if things can be improved on future projects.

Absolutely, just wrote a description, hope it helps!

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Check out my latest tileset! 16x16

It is a simple fantasy inspired tileset fit for an rpg or roguelike. It comes with different floors/walls and props like fences, foliage, ladder, chests and weapons. Build a ruins inspired underground fortress or a mining facility below the surface covered in greens!

This is my second tileset uploaded on and it has been fun so far. I might publish a spritesheet with characters and monsters that fit along this style!