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Hi, Four Quarters team! 

I just wanted to say thank you letting people try this alpha of your game. I LOVE IT. I tried it for the first time three days ago and I was so impressed I went directly to Special Reserve Games and pre-ordered a copy for my Switch. And since then I just keep playing this alpha, over and over and over.

I cannot wait to see the full version of the game. In fact, I may have made a gross miscalculation in vying for the physical edition and will likely be buying it on my PC before then... any rate, this chance to try the game is much appreciated. You have made me into a big fan by doing so. Keep up the awesome work!  -Erik

From what they told me on Discord- and I have also heard this from other devs- itch allows creators to keep a higher percentage of the total revenue. Also, they have Creator Day sales where devs get 100% of the profit! It's a great time to grab something off your itch wishlist. 

You answered me on Discord, thanks again! Just bought the game here on itch. :-)

Hi Spiritfarer Team! I was just wondering: what is the best way to buy this game? Best way in terms of supporting you, I mean. I prefer not to use Steam, whenever possible. Awesome tech, great for online gaming, love Valve for that, etc. :-) But is it better to go through itch, GOG, somewhere else? I'd love to get this game and just wanted to know your thoughts on this. Thanks for your time!