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Erik Dewhurst

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Hey Kylie,
I'm curious to talk and see if we might be able to work together for this month's Jam.
I'm a Dev/Designer and was planning on going completely solo this time, but your music grabbed me. The orchestral style lends itself so well to the exploration theme.

I have a few examples of games I've done in the past:

Feel free to contact me via the PIGSquad Discord if you're interested.

Thank you! I appreciate the bug report.
I'll see if I can reproduce it and fix it.

The newest version now supports OSx. You may need to run the game through the app to ensure it works properly.

BTW, Thank you for the feedback. That's legitimately helpful to hear.

We definitely ended up making it a bit higher difficulty than players expected.

That's one of the lessons I'm taking away from this one. We didn't spend much time balancing the game once it was complete. That seems to be the way of the Game Jam.

Thanks for the heads up. Sorry it didn't work as expected.
I'll have to have a mac-having dev-friend help me out with that one.