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im back and excited for more updates ||D edit: can't download.....

what did it say the trojan was? a lot of times win defender takes my skyrim stuff or any cracked games down but it's ok xD; i hope there's no real threats with this game

No it's out, you can download and play it, it's just not finished yet. 

nice! excited about the new patch and bug fixes! (especially the bathroom fix lmao). super pumped for the next one, keep going! this game is amazing and you're amazing and i hope to one day play through the fully finished version yeahhHH!!!

same here, right after looking into the bathroom. love this game aside from the crashes lol.

Hi, i've been having trouble getting this to run on Debian. Any suggestions? i'm so pumped to play, i'm getting a windows laptop soon but i'd love to be able to get the glass staircase to run on debian. 

oohhHHH GOD i am actually crying. WOW. That was phenomenal. like a kids story. ugh the art the music the dialogue the colors the EVERYTHING were amazing. i love it <3

awesome!!! i LOVED Midnight Scenes i'm so excited to play this!! it looks so good~ ;w; congrats on the release and good luck and love for you and your next project!!!

i just randomly/impusively  decided to go on itch to buy something and lo and behold i see with my very own eyes: HEARTBEAT GOT RELEASED 2 HOURS AGO <3 never have i slammed that buy button so fast in my entire life. i am so pumped to finally play through the rest of the game. truly, thank you guys. i've been following this for a bit over a year now and OMG this is like... well, literally a day i've  we've all been waiting for for quite some time. anyways, congratulations you guys!!! you did it!!!! <3

omg this is amazing. My only complaint would be the control placement but it might just be my keyboard! gosh this game is awesome, what a great concept! smooth, responsive, good graphics, neat music, cool enemies... i really really hope you keep going with it! it has tons of potential eheh

hey, i just got the update 1.0.8 (linux) and it's still giving me "failed to load GameFont"   :'( 

it may be a problem on my end, so i'll keep looking into it

hey! returning fan here, so i got the update and i'm on Bunsenlabs Hydrogen (Debian) {linux]. and when i launched the game, it opened and loaded for a while but then i got the error: failed to load GameFont. 

am i missing something/is there a way to fix this? I'm super excited to play the update and tHEN THE FULL GAME  YEAHH <3

anyways so yeah i got an error :( :( :(

awesome! i'm super excited to buy the and play the full thing!

also, is there a linux version planned? i'm on debian.. maybe i'll just grab the windows version and run it through wine if there's not eheh 

download links still unfortunately dead..... (tested on debian)

hey, so i came back to download and play the game again after moving the files, and it's just saying "Not available on macOS". Are you guys not doing a Mac version anymore? i got all excited about the updates and full game.. ;n;

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the mac version hasn't been able to launch for me at all through the Itch launcher.. anyone else having this problem?

the error is: "No executables were found"

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Hey, i just wanted to say i LOVE your games, and i particularly love this one. It was really cute and fun and even though it's simple, it felt really nice and pleasant to play, and was also challenging because i'm terrible at mazes lol and i know there are still some fun secrets to find so i will be playing it much more. also i LOVE the simple and gentle autumn/halloween atmosphere. i am just a sucker for autumn/halloween stuff, LOL. also the characters are super cute. ((though i guess i wish it would go a little more in depth with the dating sim part? it just seems a little weird, because it's such a small part of the game, like it feels like it would be better to go either more in depth or just not make it a thing, because i want more ahh)) Anyways, i am excited for your next game~

Oh, also, the new mac build has worked flawlessly for me, i had no problems saving, and i didn't run into any other bugs, so it's been great.

EDIT: oh my gosh also the music is perfect eheh

I just beat the demo and all i can say is WOWWEE ZOWWIE !!! that was amazing. i CAN'T WAIT for the full version, i really hope you're still working on it. I'll come back with a full review later, but for now aside from just really minor things and questions (Rex said she was a Griffon instead of a Manticore when talking to Chip? unless i got it backwards? etc) , it was a great experience and i would absolutely pay for the full version. I am super excited to keep playing. Thank you so much for making this lol

This was AMAZING, i really really really hope a full release is in the works...

((will update comment with bug info and specific review later))

This was really cool. i wish it was longer and that the story would be explained and all that, but i still had a good time playing it. The art was great, it was challenging without being unfair, the music and sounds were good and worked well with the atmosphere of the game, and it was visually very interesting. overall a great point-n-click, very enjoyable. i hope to play more of your games in the future.

To say "this game is retarded" and "the worst game ever" about an unfinished project is beyond irrisponsible and rude. If this truly is the worst game you've ever played, you must have played either very few games, or only excellent and completed projects. And to express your subjective experience and preferences of the game mechanics and the game as a whole as objective is absolutely rediculous. I'm sure the creator appreciates your attempt at constructive criticism ("Low gravity toddler jumps are weird and the goal of the game is unclear"), but if you're going to make posts like this, please put in a little effort. This kind of post isn't good or useful for the creator, the community, or anyone.