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Solid game.

Can't wait for the difficult tilt-based game on Wii U. :-D

Is there an ending to this?

Is there a way to flip the golfer's direction?

Solid game.

On first attempt, it was quite difficult. On second, beat the game in 49m4s with 4 items collected.

Alright, got seeds and longer stem, but there's nowhere to go. There's one place around a corner that I can reach, but it just shows the beginning area.

How do I grate the cheese onto the plate during the race?


America Today beat. collected the cig, not the lipstick


Nevermind about The Bite. Figured it out.

And now, I'm stuck at the end of that "glitchy" one, the name escapes me. Same problem as The Bite: No matter what I do, only one character can progress.

Strangest thing: I could complete Richard and Too Much Honey; but with The Bite, I can't get past the hill.

"Beat" the game, ended the world (un[OMIT]ed it). A shame the monoliths have no purpose nor are visible on the ground.

After 10 levels I'm assuming this game has no ending.

Alright, I got the three items.

Now what?