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Came here to say I'm stuck at level 93 too. I've made all kinds of sketches on paper and I can't even see the first sure move...  :- )

Also came to say I find this a super clever and rewarding puzzle game so far!

The Catalog version currently is "1.1.1". Didn't see any notable difference. Love this collection of solitaire games!

Hi. Tottally love Sparrow Solitaire and I agree with everyone that said this is the definitive solitaire mahjong version ever!

I think I found a bug on how the game computes the path in Shisen-Sho mode. I was able to spot it in the Phone layout. I have version 1.1. It didn't let me conect these pieces:

And surprisingly it did let me connect these, doing it by passing over tiles in the middle section:

Added the red lines just as reference of one possible path I was expecting it to consider.

Hi. Absolutelly loved the game! Just finished it, and was surprised by a bug: After a few times dying in level 95, I was taken to level 96 (without completing 95). Now that I've finished the game, the CONTINUE option takes me back to level 95. Well, at least I'll have the chance to beat it now!  :- )

I've been playing the same game for around 20 days and I feel I could go on forever, even taking some risks sometimes. I've never been able to do more than an around 30 times streak, and in all situations I could not continue the streak I think I was in situation where there was no way to continue with just one move (even if a shift move). I don't feel the energy limit challenging at this point.

Maybe there could be different modes:

  • Zen: the current game without energy.
  • Streak: just one strek, game ends when streak ends.
  • Puzzle: also just one streak, the placement of new pieces is not totally random and are guaranteed to let you continue the streak in one move (or maybe two, which would make the puzzle more complex?)

I'm already past 100,000 points and I can't stop playing it. I'm totally addicted, please help!  :- )

Just loved how you reinvented pong. Brilliant! And the attention to detail with the ball and modified cards animation!

Pretty clever puzzle game! Maybe marking the cards could be done with the crank (rotating between the numbers). Having a campaign with increasing difficulty and added twists would be amazing!