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TaDa, new edition! Needs art and a prettier font, but I can't sit on the project any longer. I hope you like it! :)

Also Also Also!  We are working on a new edition, with slightly more stuff  and much prettier in appearance. We need the help of doodlers to illustrate the spells…please send me anything!

Heavily inspired by 'goblins', as presented in our media.

Atlantis, Little Mermaid, with only a few of those pesky Fish Daemons.

One part Search and Rescue, one part Cowboy...but in this case the Bug Companion is the boss!

PLEASE! Comment on improvements and additions!

In the 2.0, there is more focus on choosing and/or designing the game you play professionally.

In the 2.0, the Wrangler ranges between humane pest remover and animal rescue, but on a monumental scale.

Indiana Bones and the Crystal Unicorn

I highly encourage someone to seek out the 'Mothman'! Wouldn't that radically change your game!

It is easier to relate to the Bugs you train than those Kith who care for them…

Wandering plant people!

Blub, blub, blub…

Students must learn, learn to learn, and unlearn what was learned wrong…

Batman and Joker, Holmes and Moriarty, Robin Hood and the Sheriff…

Many reasons to leave home. Retirement, divorced or widowed, moving out for school, leaving the ‘nest’, midlife crisis, homeless/jobless/directionless…

Olympians, gladiators, jousting knights and extreme sports, board game tournaments, LARPers, Marathoners, and so on…