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Wow!!!  Looks as good as the previous game!

The demo was great, so much content.  And that ending :ooooCan't wait til it's out.

This was really nice, it was good for the soul

OMG the voice acting update is great.  I particularly love Finn's voice, it' the same voice actor as Fenris in DA2.

This game is good as ever, one of the best I've played.

This was such a great relaxing game!  the mehanics for the berries was very well done, the characters were very cute and the story and the character development was great.

Thank you for this incredible game!

Hello!  I started the game and it's great! I think there's a typo in the dialogue. when you talk with Youx at the market festival (chapter 1) and you choose the flirt option when talking about missing home, you get 'Still', *I turn to Roux and smile*, and you say your character name and that's it.