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This game is really fun and chaotic, but surprisingly balanced as well!
I got a bunch of money upgrades on one die, and tried to farm money by repeatedly throwing it while running from the one enemy left on screen.

Needless to say, I got jumpscared fairly hard, considering my expectations of the game. I think that moment just made Gimmiko even more fun though.

This game was really unexpected and great. I managed to softlock myself here:Controls were a bit difficult to learn, but they made sense once I got used to them.Otherwise, though, the mechanics were really fun to play around with and I replayed the game twice. My favorite object was probably BADABUM.

Used the starting key on the locked door in the bookshelf dungeon, I think I might have softlocked myself.

Same with the bow and cleaver builds. I always end up with a melee/armor/shield or magic build. I haven't gotten to play on the new update, but the changes otherwise seem positive.

Lmao. 11/10 would recommend. 

I did it! Nice game, challenging but fun. Ending was cool as well.