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The first time I played this game, I played through a couple times to try to improve my highscore and clear the whole board. I'm really glad I came back to it today... Wow, that emptiness is the exact opposite of the pride one would expect to feel after beating a game. This was really cool!!

Whoa, this game is really interesting!
It does so well in creating an unsettling mood in this pixelated setting, while the mystery and lack of context of the overall story drew me in with no other convincing necessary. Now that I think about it, the art style of this game reminds me a bit of that Godzilla creepypasta.
Also, I think the blue demon head statues look very cool.
This whole little experience is very cool

I love this game. So much.
I mean, uhh, RIP those humans

This is an amazing little game!
I tried to leave the map on one level but found something else instead :)

I beat the game and I don't understand.
10 out of 10 would recommend

I beat it! Thanks for the motivation :D
I had a lot of fun playing!

This game is really fun! Haven't beat maze yet

This game is really sweet :D

It was really fun getting all 12 records and Sub-80 for the Secret Ending!
Also the death mechanic was cool and figuring out how to optimize the levels.

I can't believe it's been a year! I hope to get Backpack Hero on steam eventually, but until then, thank you for all the fun times!

I spent 5 minutes on that room for the same reason lol

I think you would just need to use boxes until you unlock drones and Ice 9.

This pretty much explains all of my runs as well lol.

This game is beautifully designed and the physics and concepts (while sometimes confusing) are extremely fun to play around with!

This game was really relaxing. I'm pretty sure I caught most of the varieties of fish!

Fun game, cool platforming mechanics! Got 1:59 with no deaths on my first run.

Stupid Jerry. Should've fought the dog with the hedge trimmers.

Wow this game surpassed my expectations coming into it! The music was catchy, the platforming was well-designed, and I hopefully got all the exclamation marks!

Really nice game! The dialogue made my day :D


This game is really fun and chaotic, but surprisingly balanced as well!
I got a bunch of money upgrades on one die, and tried to farm money by repeatedly throwing it while running from the one enemy left on screen.

Needless to say, I got jumpscared fairly hard, considering my expectations of the game. I think that moment just made Gimmiko even more fun though.

This game was really unexpected and great. I managed to softlock myself here:Controls were a bit difficult to learn, but they made sense once I got used to them.Otherwise, though, the mechanics were really fun to play around with and I replayed the game twice. My favorite object was probably BADABUM.

Used the starting key on the locked door in the bookshelf dungeon, I think I might have softlocked myself.

Same with the bow and cleaver builds. I always end up with a melee/armor/shield or magic build. I haven't gotten to play on the new update, but the changes otherwise seem positive.

Lmao. 11/10 would recommend. 

I did it! Nice game, challenging but fun. Ending was cool as well.