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That's a good chunk of theory you've got there! 0A0 Both ideas are on the right track especially without any context.

You're almost right about the energy source~ Magic in this world sourced directly from the livings, creatures and nature. The next clue is  Magic users are people who can gathered this energy before change it into elemental spells. The cycle of good and evil isn't what they seem, they work in tandem. Taboo elements are soul and time; usually people die for trying to control them. 

^w^ You've got half-of-a-clap! <3

You have a great imagination and even managed to explain them clearly! I'm happy someone spared their time to indulge me here... TAT //Sending virtual hugs//

Whoops! You're right! I uploaded the wrong one... Thank you for reporting. 

You should be able to download the zip file now.

Thank you! I'm happy you like them. <3

I'm a noob in programming. So, I'm using RPG Maker MV with the help of Moghunter's Mods. :D

Yeah, it's easier to work on it too. Thanks, Konoi! :)

Thanks! I'm sorry about the trouble about Paypal. There's been similar problem about this... and I've set things to alternate way. So, you should be able to process your transaction now. Hopefully it fixed your problem.

Yes, I'm planning on male student sprite sets soon! :D The 13 types of "Dere" male version are on their way~

I'm not sure. what do you mean by 'ayyable'?


A direct update of this particular devlog. I don't think it's enough for an entire new log. fixing day/night system around dormitory and able to proceed smoothly between areas.

yes, we're planning to release for iOS too. The game engine we used allowed us to export the game into multiple platforms. The demo version for it is currently under development (checking bugs etc). :)

There are several good endings, they're the easier ones to gain... and easiest to slip by too if you know what I mean. (I like to use reverse pyschology) *smirk*

Ah, you have put an pre-order so you'll get the game as soon as its released.

Aww, you're so nice! Thanks, Chiel~ <3

Keep up the good work to you too!

Ahh, thank you so much for understanding. It's been a long journey to reach this decision. Look out for more updates. 😌

Best of luck to you too.

Sorry for the inconvenience....

Yes, RPGMaker MV does have the ability to create the game for Mac and Linux. Although, they created several new bugs I had yet able to dismantle (from when I tried on a friend's mac) so far, the game turned unplayable in these. That's why I focused on Windows first before jumping into other OS. I am still planning on releasing LI to Mac and Linux with different release dates.

About the refund, I will be contacting you in near future via PM. :)

May the stars bless your path.

Thanks! Stay tune for next updates~ <3

Thanks, Mirael! I work on this everyday. Hopefully, it'll be worth waiting.

For several countries, gay romance still indeed listed as R-Rated theme and/or even a taboo. So to be fair, We decided that it needs to be listed.

Forgive me for the wait. I'm happy to entertain you! Thanks for pointing out the problems too. The repeating lines and random pictures appeared to be a memory problem with the engine itself. There is too little I can do with it, which is why I elected to move everything  from rpgmaker to unity for now... 

I'll be contacting you about the spelling and grammar errors, thou. I really need the help with them...

Oh, also, Thank you very much for the article! I've read it and you've done an excellent job! I almost cried when I found it on google. :D

Ah, actually, you can pre order by indiegogo for the moment. You can go to this link and check out the best deal! :D

Ah, sorry for the inconvenience. 

Do you mean the download link or the installation that hasn't been able to work? 

So far there hasn't any broken link report. I'll check it up tonight. If, it's the installation, may I know the specification of your computer? 

Yes, there will be one for mac... but, after we change the engine from RPGMaker to Unity. So, it should be working better.

May the stars bless your path.

Demo is here~! :D

To tell you the truth, I've been re-arranging Leodetable's threads in Lemma Soft, RPG Maker and Aarin Forums. Scheduled those thread to be done by April this year while the game itself at Fall 2017.

It took me years to finalize the script and settle down to use RPG Maker MV for the game engine which I need to learn first... Those were the reason why I have yet update the older threads.

I'll link all related addresses especially the tumblr one, since it's the one with gradual report of progress.