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To everyone who already downloaded and tried it, sorry it didn't work. It should be fixed now if you want to try it again (and let me know if it isn't)...

Thanks :). It turned out less than intended, partially due to not getting API access I needed, and partly due to not having the time I expected. Might revisit it one day and finish it off :). Glad you enjoyed it though, @panurge.

Turns out that the download links were all downloading the Linux version... It should work now, if you try again. Thanks for pointing out the issue :).

Hey! Thanks for the report. I'll take a look at the issue asap, and see what's going on. It should run fine on Windows as a standalone executable, though...

The itch app doesn't support .rar. You could switch to .zip for all platforms.

Nice one. The game's lovely :).

Looks like you just renamed the files to .zip. You need to actually recompress them for them to work.

Hey. You should use ZIP to compress your builds. See http://itch.io/t/11918/rar-support-is-not-happening-repack-your-games.

Nice one! :)

Hey. You should use ZIP to compress the linux build too. See http://itch.io/t/11918/rar-support-is-not-happening-repack-your-games.