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Really brilliant game, I would definitely replay to try and get all the achievements (Although some of them look like they'll be pretty hard), Really the only complaint I have is that there's no visual indicator when houses are damaged if they're overpopulated, So you need to mouse over them or click on them to see, Although I suppose that's partially my fault for having everything be overpopulated (I didn't want to kill everybody!).
(Also would be nice if at the end it told you how long it took; It definitely took me more than 30 minutes!)

Nice! Only complaint I'd give is you can't become an Omnivore like in spore.

Nice game, I like how rather than being motivated by greed like in other clicker games, The motivation for the protagonist here is quite the opposite!
Took me 28:14, But probably would've been faster if I didn't spend several minutes trying to make the production numbers look nicer, Lol.

Fun game! Really only comment is I feel the trash is a bit "Underpowered", I didn't once have a decrease in sanity in 19 days (Technically 38 because I had to start over), And since you can seemingly only get at-most one piece of plastic a day, It's much rarer than the Fiber, Which can be used for most of the same purposes, Really the primary use I found for it was getting water before you have 4 rain collectors.