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Incredible art style and that voice acting was fantastic. It does appear a little sparse, but this is off to a fantastic start!

Is there a .gb file available for this? I would love to play this on the actual thing.

Super interesting start. I'm  not sure about the artwork for Angus, but otherwise absolutely lovely. I really enjoy the voiced sections as well.

Fantastic start. Can't wait for the rest of the game!

Please consider making this available in GB format. I'd love to be able to play this on my emulators. Otherwise, fantastic game!

This was a lot of fun. I just wish it were available in GB format so that I could put it on my emulators. Please consider it!

This was fantastic. Far too short, but I had a great experience. Please consider expanding this more!

When I read what this game was about, I bought it sight unseen on incube8. I was not disappointed. Absolutely beautiful and well made. Can't wait to see what comes next for this creator. Fantastic job.

I wanted to play more of this. Absolutely interesting.

The only problem I thought I  could comment on is  that there was no  real tutorial  on anything, so it was mostly just clicking around until someone showed up or something happened. 

This needs a bit of work, a bit of polish. However, you're on to something very interesting here and I can't wait to play the full title.

I absolutely love this game. Interesting characters, beautiful artwork, and fun playable sections. Truly can't wait for the entire thing to be finished because this Demo is an awesome start.