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Having serious issue with the castaway quest, cant find them and ive combed through a lot of ocean, help?

Basically, you can have legs in your inventory, and then go to a doctor, and attempt to replace your limb, but it won't allow you to do it, since none of the legs in your inventory show up on the menu for replacing. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I don't really know.

I'm just gonna leave some more ideas for the futures

1: More random encounters while fast traveling: I like the whole bandits ambushing you thing, I do, but after a while of it being the only thing to find while fast traveling makes it a bit less fun, I was thinking maybe some kind of traveling merchant? One that sells really rare items and weaponry, but he's really rare to find, and his items scale with your level, so there's no way in hell you could  like, have a ton of money early game and then get lucky and run into him and just instawin.

2: More miniboss/bosses: I love the combat, It's genuinely one of my favorite aspects, but once you get later in the game, you tend to just one or two shot everything, even most mini bosses, maybe like some random dungeons strewn throughout the map that have super high level enemies and a boss at the end, and that boss has a bunch of HP,  and some unique attacks you have to learn, and then said boss could drop some really cool gear that you can't get anywhere else, which leads me to my third suggestion

3: More unique weaponry: One of the biggest drawbacks in the game are the lack of epic endgame weaponry (or maybe i'm just really greedy, or i havent found anything cool :P) Like sure, there's the redeemer's spear, and the sword of fate, but usually I find myself just finding an op special club or something (Like that 3d4+2 femur i found that carried me to endgame no trouble, never swapped it out, ever.) and then just using it all the time and nothing else, I think there should be bosses that can drop unique stuff, like maybe a bandit king that you can kill, and he has a magical baseball bat or something, anything really with a story, like the redeemers spear, giving little things story makes all the difference.

4: Less Random NPCs: The NPCs are easily the least fun part of this, you got your basic civilian, guards, Xul, Kin of the Deep, Ensis, doctors and merchants, and then a few storyline ones: What I'm thinking is maybe add some random wandering characters, (Kinda Fallout-esque) that you can find while fast traveling, like maybe it'll be a place of interest, and say (for example) There's a guy working on some kind of hovercar or something, and then he's like "Oh get me some materials and I'll give you some cool stuff that I don't need anymore, and once you bring all the stuff to him, he fixes up the hovercar and it explodes, and you get all of his stuff, and he maybe has some cool gear, little quirky characters with their own personalities would just liven this world right up

5: More sidequests: I'm sure you have this planned, but sidequests are far too few, you have the humonculus one, the champion one, and that weird one with the vampire (which i'm pretty sure broke my game, i couldnt attack monsters, but maybe that was because i was playing for several hours straight) and thats kinda it, and those are all storyline initiated, I think having stuff like the hovercar guy would really lengthen the gameplay by a ton, and make me love the game even more.

Please note, I'm anything but a game developer, just a casual gamer who wants to help make this already great game into an even better one, Thanks in advance : )

Another big issue i have, none of the legs show up on the replace limb menu, not bionic, not enstitic, not even the limb i just amputated, which really sucks, as i got a lot of these legs for free (i didn't murder any merchant whaaaaaat) and i cant use them

Glad to be a part of the community!

then i killed another doctor (for experimentation) and gte an enstitic leg, and when i tried to replace my leg it wouldn't even show up on the menu, even though it was in my inventory

and then i tried amputating first, and it didn't even replace my arm!!

Alright, so I recently have been having an amazing run, except i lost an arm, so i killed a doctor who was selling an enstatic (Probably spelling that wrong, too lazy to check) and replaced it, later, i killed another doctor, got another enstatic arm, and went to a different doctor and tried replacing my arm, all it does is unequip my gear in that arm, take my money and make scrap appear next to me, Is this a bug? Do I have to amputate the arm first?

I cannot WAIT for the full version!!

Axu community » General Chat · Created a new topic Lots of crashing

I'm not sure if it's just me, but i crash. a LOT in Axu, which sucks because i really love the game!It's nearly impossible for me to even go through the world map much less be immersed in it, I'm not quite sure what it is but I personally think it has something to do with the rain. I don't think i've ever crashed in the caves, I'm on MacOs, if that's any help