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Loved the feel of the environment and looks stunning, the idea sounds different and something i would personally try and the demo shows the game well. 

Best way is to try it out. I also made a short let's play on it, hope it does it just.

PS: Thanx for the Demo ^_^ (great hands on experience)

Hi... this is my attempt of this beauty useing a controller, which worked great!

Loved it, style and simplicity with puzzles that was quite refreshing ;)

Thank you!!!

It ran pretty smooth and with very VERY little to no problems at all, the random rooms and promise of the weapon system combined with the very interesting sock puppet... i would like to see were this one is going , for what it gives and the fact the rooms and seemingly the goodies inside each one, makes for a fun play. It had no audio controls i could find and being new to my setup my voice was kinda lost in the playthrough,  BUT nonetheless it was loads of fun. Will keep an eye on this and my puppet....called Switch........ 

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I love the mechanics to this one, the idea of using light streaks and photo's is an interesting and fun way to solve puzzles.

Also made a i'm new to all this, i was happy it was a simple demo but also know it could get very interesting along the way, the story was something i would like to follow and though they are still working on the voice overs, it gives a great layout of things to come, i will surely get this one when it's out.

Let's Play From Light