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Leuk gemaakte demo, goed werk, ben benieuwd naar het volledige spel

Leuk gemaakt spel, spel verliep soepel en leuke animaties

Good sirenhead game

Leuk in elkaar gezet spel, leuke geluidseffecten ook. goed gedaan!

Leuk kort horrospel, alleen het bewegen van het karakter is wat wiebelig.
This game has the funniest jump scares! nicely done.

Really liked the black and white experience

Definitely a fun game, working in a shop and interacting with the NPC is nicely done.

Good horror game, definitely recommended, fun and interesting storyline.

Good short horror game, definitly reccomend

Fun and exciting horror game, nice atmosphere and storyline

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Very fun and exciting horror game, especially the dogs are a nice addition to the game 

To start positively, cleaning with a large water gun is a nice addition. the jump scares could be more and scarier. the storyline itself is fun. However, the game personally does not invite me to play all the endings

Nice short game to play

Nice short horrorstory, maybe a little to short? I've played it with 3 different endings.
Very good horror game, good jumpscares and I want double the money

Very nice game, the story is super intense and it emphasizes the character's struggle very well. the jumpscares could be better and a bit more

Nice horror game, but there is sometimes a lot of time between the next event, and the jump scares have not been very exciting so far. But I'll definitely try the full game.

Nicely put together, I will definitely play the full game on my channel.

A good looking horror game, i will definitely play the full game

Very fun and short Christmas horror game, again a fun playing experience

Very nice and scary horror game, good jump scares and a nice creepy environment. Would definitely like to play more of them.

Nice short horror game, not many jumpscares, but i will definitely play the full game THANKS

Good and short Japanese horror game. I love Japanese horror games and this one is definitely worth playing

Nice short resident evil 7 vibe horrorgame
Nice horror game, more jump scares than in the previous part. The other patient is a nice addition. The role of the doctor could be a little bigger and more present in the game.

Nice game to play, but finished a bit quickly at the end, there could have been more time between the last calendar days. but otherwise a nice creepy atmosphere

Great game to  play so far, let me know when te full  game comes out and i will play it on my channel

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This week i am going to play Sorrow Asylum part 1.

If you want to promote a game, let me know and I will put the walkthrough on our channel
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Nice game to play. A good atmosphere and an exciting build-up to the story. The sleep experiment is a good subject for a horror game and the game is well put together. thanks for making it.