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*notices u* 👀

Hey there! Absolutely loved the game. I think it's pretty cool conceptually, and the monster design was just spot on. I was wondering if it'd be alright for me to put up the video about the game, I wouldn't want to tread any boundaries considering it's a school assignment.

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Hey there, absolutely loved the story and the noir vibes of it! Just wanted to let you know that the game does get stuck after Clive says... [SPOILER AHEAD]











"So... my place or yours?"

It also provides an error code, "Tag name: [t]could not be found" during the line, "Clive didn't say a word to the other bot as he opened his coat, pushing it aside before"

I believe I was playing both the x64 and x32 windows version of the game.

Would you believe me if I told you we forgot?

Aaaaaaa, thank you so much for making a video on it, Noah! I really hope you liked it!

Ngl, there was supposed to be a crack ending where you can actually die from eating the cookies - but Leo said no, so :(

Aaaaaa, so glad you liked it! I think what's funny about this is that neither of us have made a game before, and Leo's only ever played 2 Visual novels in his life 😂

I'm so glad you liked it! But also, no - I don't think either of us remember the password 👀

It's in there somewhere, we just forgot where we put it.

Nooooooo, I can't take best boy dying again QuQ

All according to keikaku

Here we see Friend's reaction to the absolute feral mess the player is actually in beyond the fourth wall.

Withered was an absolutely harrowing experience plentiful scares, but the true terror lies beneath its surface.

What initially caught my eye was its beautifully grim aesthetics. I knew I had to pick this one up, and the title sequence itself was enough to show me that I was in for a wild ride.

It did not prepare me for how horrifying the story truly was.

Withered excels in many aspects, from the unmistakably unhinged storytelling, beautiful minimalist artwork, to its use of ambient music and sound effects to sink its withered claws in the supple, vulnerable parts of your mind.

Truly, a masterpiece.

Why do cute things have to end so horribly!

I loved cinderAI, everything from the humor, to the cute artwork, and so much of it just teased of a much larger game.

I really hope to see more Cinder soon! I read that the finished product wasn't what you intended, but that's okay! I loved it all the same, and I hope you continue making more games in the future 💕

Pulsatio Cordis is another testiment that a simple story told well can yield amazing results.

The game takes great care in maintaining a steady sense of immersion throughout with splashes of light-heartedness to keep you engaged. As more Yandere VNs are taking creative liberties with their storytelling, Pulsatio Cordis takes us back to basic and allows its threat to remain present in the forefront of the game, focusing our efforts into managing our love interest's emotions.

Needless to say, I'm excited to see where the final game takes us.

I didn't know what to expect of this game, but I loved it. Please tell me we get bigger in the next update, PLEASE

This game, holy hell this game. I've not had a game leave such a deep imprint on me in a long time, and gosh - I'm glad we're going to have the chance to see more of this world.

Putting aside the beautiful artwork, Cognitive Coffee has absolute banger writing. No matter which route you take (and even if you get them all!), you're still left wondering what exactly is going on with the story, and I loved every moment of it.

Both characters are compelling in their own ways, and I'd be darned if this doesn't show up on the front page of at least one genre sometime soon.

Forgive My Desires, Father was a brilliant spin-off and successor to the developer's previous title, Forgive My Sins, Father.

Expanding upon the story of Samael, the writing takes you on a ride of emotions throughout the story, and provides a satisfying ending to this unlikely encounter.

Whether you've played the prequel or not, I'd highly suggest that you play this visual novel if you're a fan of the BL genre, and if you'd like to indirectly affect the actions of this young, troubled man.

I wasn't sure what to expect out of the Diner, looking as cute as it is, but when I went in - oh boy, it was just a ride through and through.

It's rare to see people explore the Yangire trope even in current times, but what surprised me more was how the game throws any expectations you have about it right out the window regardless of the decisions you make.

It's fascinating, and only leaves more questions to be answered.

It's rare to see a game that explores the journey someone goes through as they begin their descent into madness, and I was just so captivated by the story of Samael and Father Andrew.

I'll leave my review for the spinoff once that video is released, but in Forgive My Sins, Father alone - I was surprised to see how you actually explored what could've possibly driven Samael into committing the acts he could've done.

The story truly is captivating, and eerily true to life. At times, I almost forgot that it was a fictional story unfolding before me, and I just had to see what more there was to the story.

I can't believe there's going to be more of this game coming out soon.

It really reminds me of the classic creepypastas and nosleep stories I used to read ages ago. It's creepy, unsettling, and the fact that you just can't go back to play it again really drives up the creep factor. I loved this, and I can't wait to see more of it.

I can't believe how much I learned from playing this game, sheesh /pos

I believe this was one of the more wholesome dating sims I've played in a long time. Kara's a mess, but she's a mess I'd love to get involved with.

Also, the blahaj was easily the best part of the game 💕

I will neither confirm nor deny that I'm a stan for Catsket.

As always, the writing and artwork are absolutely beautiful in this game. Compared to the intrigue brought about from Art Without Blood, and the poetic melancholy of Laying With The Dead, God Is In The Radio draws you in and captivates you with a chilling sense of dread all throughout the story.

It's a fine addition to the Art Without Blood universe, but it also stands alone as a fantastic visual novel for fans of either Lovecraft of Stephen King.

Oh gosh, I'm so glad to have gotten the recommendation to play this. Bug Dates is absolutely adorable, and it's fascinating how you managed to create such unique characters to choose to date.

I honestly had a hard time picking just one, and boy golly, I'm so glad to hear that we're going to be getting more out of this Universe soon enough.

I believe the hype behind this game was definitely justified. I had my eyes on it, even before coming to know about the Yandere VN community.

The art style is just so clean, both Keith and Tenebris are so cute in their own way. I do have my own theories about the two characters, but I'm honestly really excited to see where the story takes us in the final game.

There's no such thing as a perfectly relatable MC... I take that back

I honestly couldn't believe that a freaking joke I made midway through the game turned out to be the big plot twist in one of the endings 😂

I really enjoyed this, especially with how the cute art style juxtaposed against the much darker themes. It's just so fun!

I had to reread your disclaimer at the very end of your description, cos I really couldn't believe this was made in just a week.

You really shouldn't play yourself down like that! Despite the simple premise, I'd say the story was very well written and illustrated. It still kept familiar elements from it's predecessor, but Liar Liar 2 truly expands on the story further, and I'd say there's even major improvements in the art style as well.

I can't wait to see the remake of this, that's something I'm looking forward to covering once it comes out.

Oh gosh, I love how unique Mister Mike Mic was as a visual novel. It kinda reminds me of the good old days of short horror RPG Maker games.

I think what really shines through about this game as well would be its implementation of puzzles, where it really tricks you into paying close attention to the questions.

I really hope to see more from you soon. If this was a proof of concept, I believe there's so much more you can do with either this game or future projects.

Was I just kidnapped by a Yandere sheep? A Yandere Goat? I... I don't know.

Nonetheless, I do love how this essentially boiled down into an adorable horror otome sort of situation, where you have to manage Jacob's emotions to make sure he either leaves you alone, or keeps you as his play thing.

Also, I can't believe you're actually making an extended version of this!

I swear, it's not cos I wanna see what an absolutely feral Jacob would do to us 😂

The Murder of Beppi The Clown builds upon the absurdity of the first dating sim, and I absolutely loved it.

The comedy in both visual novels were spot on, and I couldn't stop laughing throughout my playthrough.

Would I want to see another? Maybe! It's a lot of fun, and I wish I could find more visual novels as ridiculous as these.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I loved this ride through and through. I never thought I'd commit murder for this clown, but it was all worth it 🖤

Picta Mori was an absolute thriller.

Between a heartwarming sapphic story, a truly terrifying chase sequence (how in the world did you capture that thrill in a visual novel?!), and the looming dread that hung throughout the story, it's difficult to pin down any single moment that shines the rest.

It was undoubtedly a captivating story, with a truly unique and beautiful art style to boot. I'd definitely recommend people to give this one a go if they ever have the chance.

For a game with a fairly simple premise, Liar Liar and its successor did a fairly good job.

Sometimes you don't need a complicated plot or amazing CG to tell a good story. Just telling a simple one well enough is great - especially with a premise that's as eccentric as Liar Liar. The artwork and music are incredibly cute, and once you get past the first 3 minutes of the game, you kinda realize that the game's plot was fairly well thought through.

I enjoyed it, and I think it should definitely be up there as one of the few classic visual novels made, similar to how Misao and Mad Father are well regarded within classic indie RPG horror games.

Alma is absolutely adorable, aaaaa

I'm so tempted to go through the rest of the endings just to uncover more about them, but the options were so mean, I couldn't QwQ Still! I can't wait to see more from the team, this was really well made.

Trapped with Jester was undeniably fun to play.

Amazing VA by Fennwic as usual. It's kinda amazing how you managed to show us so much about a character within just these few minutes of gameplay, and the artwork is just 💕

I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but it was a pleasant surprise indeed 💕

God, I've been looking for a game that would make me giggle, and this one just took me on a whole roller coaster the whole way through. It's a plus how the art style was just bussin'

Murder Date. Is it worth the $1? Absolutely and more

I was pleasantly surprised to see how this game holds up against the many other games featuring murder husbands. Jeff is just absolutely adorable as a character, and I'm really glad you decided to take a fluffier approach to the story.

Another absolutely beautiful story by catsket

I've always loved the artwork for catsket's games, and though the game itself was fairly minimal in nature, the writing kept me gripped throughout the whole experience.

I can never say no to a nice, fluffy, yet somewhat depressing sapphic story.

THIS WAS IT! I can't believe I missed out on something so simple QwQ